Friday, June 24, 2011

NJ SUNSHINE Tape - Mechanical Bride - The Burnt - A.O.D. - New Republic

This tape was made for me by Harry Baggs. Harry ran the great NJ Zine Ear Wax back in the day. He also played guitar and sand in Mechanical Bride. We were kinda friendly back then. And he would send me tapes of stuff. He was also a good friend of Social Decay and gave us a lot of exposure in his zines early on.

I'm pretty sure The Mechanical Bride stuff is from one of their demo's and Side B is live stuff from The House Of Wax. Which were shows Harry would put on at his house. Sounds like everyone was having a good time! the Burnt give us a few very non PC tunes as only they could. AOD doing what they do best which is being goofy w/ a rap about crack and New Republic give us a Kiss cover... Can i have another beer?


Mechanical Bride - 29 Grand

Mechanical Bride - The Posse

Mechanical Bride - Picnic Ground

The Burnt - I Hate You / Social Disease

A.O.D. - Crack Rap

New Republic - I Want You

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Corpse - Demo

I just pulled this out of moth balls. The cover and track list are long since gone so i have no idea what the song titles are. I thought i had a sheet pf paper with them on it but can't find it anywhere. I traded tapes with some one for this. I think it was a band member but it had to be around 1986 or so so i can not remember much about. I know ther are from overseas somewhere, Poland? Germany? Fuck if i can remember.... It is some cool ripping thrasy style hardcore. The sound quality isn't the greatest (pretty sure its live to a boom box) but they get the point across with some slicing riffs and twisted vox. If anyone has any information about this group please leave some comments.

Also, there are six songs on this tape but i am almost certain that the last song is a different band? it sounds way different than the other 5. with a very early extreme metal vibe ala napalm death or some shit rather than a hardcore vibe. ...

The Corpse - Demo

Monday, June 20, 2011

SOCIAL DECAY "Sick Society", C-26 Cassette Tape, available RIGHT NOW. Limited to 84 copies!

SOCIAL DECAY "Sick Society", C-26 Cassette Tape, available RIGHT NOW. Limited to 84 copies. $7. Get some.


Land O' Smiles

Friday, June 17, 2011

Chumbucket - Demo - 1993

Chumbucket were:

George Matchuga - Vocals
Paul Lieberman - Bass + Wah
Chris Strunk - Lead Bass
Jerry Sopp - Slide & Noise Guitars
John Clark - Drums

Recorded + Mixed by Stacy at Subterranean Sound - HIGH ST. U.S.A.


Weird noisy psychedelic grunge rock made by a bunch of acid taking drunk stoners from New Jersey who back in 1993 were listening to too much Monster Magnet & Godspeed (2 Bass thing) and decided to start a band.

George Matchuga once sang for NJ thrash band Oblivion.

Chumbucket - 14 lb Test

Chumbucket - Mary Jane

Chumbucket - Acid House

Chumbucket - The Villager

Chumbucket - Chunky Blue Cheese

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Heroin !! - "I Can Handle It" - Deformed Tapes 5

I just found this comp tape that Social Decay appears on over at:

No Longer Forgotten Music (click the link to download)

I never even knew it existed. If anyone has an original copy that they would be willing to sell please let me know!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Stomping Ground - Razor Sharp Hard Core 3 Song Demo

Ok, so its not a tape but this is a pretty cool little demo by Trenton New Jersey's Stomping Ground. This is real old school style shit. Social Decay has played a few shows with these guys lately and will be playing again July 17th @ Drunken Field day @ Sinclair's Pub
419 Great East Neck Road West Babylon, NY. These young dudes do it right! You can also check out there web page Here: Support these guys. I will be back soon will more old school demo tapes soon... i hope....

Stomping Ground - Fascist Cops

Stomping Ground - Trenton

Stomping Ground - Pepsirocks

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Godspeed Live @ The Cafe Bar Long Branch NJ - TV Eye

Just found this tape. Its a really amped up live version of The Stooges TV Eye done by Godspeed, followed but a big E Jam @ the end of the set. Godspeed always did these big jams at the end of the set and usually had people join them on stage to create even more havoc. One of the many who would join them on stage was Ted Mechanic. Ted was an old Poet. He must have been in his mid/late 60's and he was great. He was always out at shows and supporting the youngins back then. He would jump on stage at the end of Godspeed shows and rant and rave his poetry over the chaos and din of feedbacking guitars and noise. From the scrawl on the tape this looks like a show played with Daisy Cutter & John Butler joins Godspeed on stage at the end as well. Anyway, this goes out to anyone who knew Ted and I'm sure they would all say what a great guy he was. R.I.P. Ted. You were an awesome cat and you are missed...

Godspeed Live @ The Cafe Bar Long Branch NJ - TV Eye

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Early 80's Hard Rock & Metal!!! Mix Tape

OK, not a demo today but a home made tape mix. I've been pulling out some of my old tape mixes and giving them a spin. I posted this tape cover over at a message board i frequent and someone suggested posting it up, so why not?

I have hundreds of mix tapes i have made over the years. I resisted Cd's and iTunes for so long that all i did with my vinyl was put it to tape and listen to them on a boom box in the car or at work. So maybe i will post more of these if anyone gives a rats ass or maybe i just will for my own pleasure. It was a blast revisting this one.

So here in all of its original vinyl to tape to digital glory is an early 80's hard rock & metal mix i made a few years ago. Recorded as it happened, drunk on beer. All the snap, crackle and pop and a few skips of lovingly used vinyl included...

Early 80's Hard Rock & Metal!!! - Side A

Early 80's Hard Rock & Metal!!! - Side B