Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Organized Confusion July/August 1986 NJHC NYHC Fanzine # 3

I've been way to lazy to update this stupid blog, but here is something i stumbled upon in the attic not too long ago and thought that this might be of some interest to some of you. A zine from 1986 that featured Social Decay. Agnostic Front, N.J. Bloodlust, Straight Ahead, Braineaters, Bloddy Corpse, Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Overkill, ect...

14 pages of NJHC & NYHC Hardcore/Crossover/Trash...

Click on any page to make larger if you really want to read this slop...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Social Decay & Mental Abuse - Black Friday!!!

Together again after 20 some years!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pleased Youth - Sure We're Pleased 1984 Demo

OK back with some more great NJHC courtesy of total goner, thanks man! (if your reading any of this crap?)

Please Youth were a staple of early NJ hardcore. Guitarist Paul Decolator (RIP) was NJ hardcore man about town. You can read more about him at the Paul Decolater Memorial Page:
Back in the day these guys along with A.O.D. were every where in Jersey when it came to "the scene". I saw them a bunch and had the pleasure of playing with them a few times as well. They put out an LP on the classic NJ punk label Buy Our Records label which i own but i hadn't heard this demo until it arrived in my mailbox not to long ago, but its a good one!

Band members were:
Paul Decolator (guitar/vocals), Greg Walker (drums/vocals), Kieth Hartel (vocals), Doug Vizthum (guitar/vocals), Andy Skovran (bass), Larry Martin (guitar)

I remember seeing bass player Andy in his bleached jeans and bald head with a six pack of Guinness outside one of the shows and was like, there's a cool dude! hahaha!

I think he still plays in NJ Oi band Niblick Henbane

Paul used to do some radio shows on WPRB back in the day if i remember correctly as well. Man, that was a LONG time ago.... i'm pretty sure i have a few of them taped...

anyway, enjoy the demo and leave some comments fuckers!

Pleased Youth - Sure We're Pleased 1984 Demo

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Social Decay - Dreams Or Reality

Some one was cool enough to create this youtube "video" of Social Decay's Dreams or Reality from our 7 inch "Life's Not Hard..."

Dig in!

Friday, October 23, 2009

T.F.N. - Political Death 1986 Demo

Oh what a glorious pile of shit mess is this...

If this demo doesn't sum up our scene back then i don't know what does...
T.F.N. stands for TOTAL FUCKING NOISE! and man is this ever!
This is a horrible mess of vodka, cheap beer, and angel dust. Kids just getting fucked up for the sake of getting fucked up, be it boredom or to escape (There were plenty of well off kids who just wanted to get high but more than most were trying to escape)and then forming a band and ranting and raving about whatever... I love this pile of shit, i really do. It's a total crossover thrash hardcore nightmare played by 3 south jersy knuckleheads who could barely get it together and all of whom went on to play with Social Decay at one time or another.

Bass player Dave Gutierrez played with us 1st from around 85 to 87. And now plays with the newly brought back to life Social Decay. (we just played our 1st show in years)

Then Eddie "Boppo" Ramos (R.I.P.) played drums for Social from around 87 to 90 or so when we finally called it quits. I miss that son of a bitch...

and Mike "Lunkhead" Roberts played with us off and on from around 87 or 88 to 90 as well.

Anyway, just like the Lethal Aggression demo this throws me right back to that tiny little dingy basement where we would jam and get fucked up day after day after day and create quite a god awful racket. Man, we sure didn't change the world (we weren't really trying to anyway) but fuck it if we didn't have fun...

Here is 2/3 of TFN... Unknown cat on the left, Dave, & Mike AKA Lunkhead and Rob D of then Lethal Aggresion on the right: This is what the 80's looked like in NJ...

T.F.N. - Political Death 1986 Demo

Friday, October 9, 2009

Psycho Sin - Violent New World 1985 Demo

You've all heard of Lo-Fi, well here is some NO-FI. These guys and gal were kings of pissed of, don't give a fuck noise of the highest order! If you weren't there there is no way to fully understand what i am saying! long before industrial bands were in fashion these guys were clanking steel pipes, trashing metal, banging on steel drums, mutilating accordions, and destroying everything in their path! Carl Casanova their lead (singer) was a good friend of mine for years back in the mid 80's and he was way active in the small underground NJHC scene back then, putting on shows at soup kitchens and putting out tape comps and helped out Social Decay a bunch back then. We played a bunch of shows together back then and i probably have about 8 to 10 different Pycho Sins demo's that i hope to get to at some point. I have tons of pics and flyers too, man i need more time to archive all this shit. Not that anyone gives a fucking shit... But here is the Violent New World 1985 Demo. As lo-fi (recorded on boom boxes) and pissed as it gets! I lost the track list to this years ago some some of these titles might be wrong, if you know, tell me so!!!
Also, you MUST get to the end of this demo for the "Filthy Skinhead Comic"
yeah and check this shit out! Psycho Sin myspace!!!!

Psycho Sin - Violent New World 1985 Demo

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Futile Effort - What's The Use? Demo 1984

Ok people, I'm back after a massive delay and i bring you another New Jersey gem with Futile Effort - What's The Use? Demo from 1984 or 85. These guys were from Trenton and i can't remember if we ever played with them or not maybe once at Middlesex College? I'd have to go back and check some of my flyers but anyway this is a really great demo that totally exemplifies the Jersey scene back then. So dig in and enjoy! And props to total goner for supplying this lost gem!

Futile Effort - Whats The Use? Demo 1984

Monday, June 1, 2009

Basket Case - NYHC Demo 1986

OK some low brow NY (Staten Island) hardcore from 1986: these guys were pals with Social Decay and did a fanzine called Organized Confusion for a hot minuet. Don't know what ever happened to these guys or where are they now. Lost touch not too soon after this tape came out. I know i still have some stickers and flyers from them somewhere, i will try to dig them up at some point (Sticker added) but i did include scans of the lyrics and thank you list where they give a shout out to Social Decay. Just click on the lyrics to make it bigger to read.
If anyone has any where are they now info please drop it!

Basket Case - NYHC Demo 1986

Individual Tracks:
Basket Case - Basket Case
Basket Case - Blatz
Basket Case - Lotto Fever
Basket Case - Organized Confusion
Basket Case - Idea Of Life
Basket Case - Princess Primo
Basket Case - When Push Comes To Shove
Basket Case - C.R.
Basket Case - Friends Like You
Basket Case - Plastic People

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sinn Fein - Demo

Alright i have actually had a bunch of people contact me via email and send me stuff and this is a good one and a tape i had and lost along time ago so it was cool hearing this again. Spencer was a good friend of the Lethal and Social crews back in the day and we all used to hang with Ivo a bit back then too. Some more lost New Jersey Hardcore stuff from sometime in the mid late 80's my guess is 86 or so...

This was sent in by Sinn Fein singer Jonathan Sherman. Thanks man!

No need to join anything, just click link, choose free download, then click download link. Whole demo is 45mb. Also just click the pic of the demo cover and it will get huge if you can't read the songs titles and shit.


Edit: I downloaded the file into divshare for an easier download...

Sinn Fein - Demo

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lethal Aggression - From The Cunt Of The Fucking Whore Demo 1985

Alright, were back with some more NJ drug core and the Mighty LA!

My history with these guys goes waaaaaaay back. Singer John Saltz and i briefly playing in a trash band called Carnage with some "Spooge" back in maybe 82?... damn were old... anyway while the Hogans kids were straight edge and Social Decay had the Old and Ugly Decay Drunks and Decay Skins, Lethal were drug induced thrash core fueled by pills and Angel Dust. We played with the guys and had a shit ton of fun in the early days until a rift began between Social and LA when their guitar Rob quit and started hanging around the Social crew and then Social Decay bassist Dave went on to play guitar with Lethal...
Pretty silly stuff when I think about it now but back then it was war! Hahaha!

Drummer Kenny Lund went on to play drums in my current band Solace for many years. Bass player George Yeck is unfortunately since dead.

Whatever... I loved this demo then and i still get a kick out of it now dusting it off to download for the few folks that give a fucking rats ass! A minor classic masterpiece "From The Cunt Of The Fucking Whore" is and none to subtle...

I got tons of pics of us and LA from back in the day but I'm way to lazy to scan any but maybe at some point...

here is a live shot of John Satlz and Kenny Lund jamming in my basement. This is probably right before the cops busted up the party and it turned into a full blown riot!

Individual Tracks:
Lethal Aggression - Spooge
Lethal Aggression - Vodda Vodka
Lethal Aggression - Country Pig
Lethal Aggression - Morbid Reality
Lethal Aggression - Anarcheology
Lethal Aggression - Metallic Rage
Lethal Aggression - Lust