Monday, July 30, 2012

Scarlet Fever - Atique Wine and Roses - Advanced Tracks Tape

I just picked this up in a South Jersey thrift. From what i read this is a band that turned into another band called Dogtown Balladeers... I don't know who they are either but i figured i would post this up for anyone who might be down with the goofy hair metal sleaze rock side of things. These guys were trying hard to cash in on that hair sound and be Skid Row, Guns & Roses, poison or later & lame Motley Crew, but as with most rock & roll dreams, they crashed and burned with hardly a whimper..... Well, The Dogtown Balladeers did actually put out a CD in 1995 called "Antique Wine & Roses" which is what this tape was going to represent but i never knew it even existed until i found this tape and did a little searching.... I wonder where these guys are delivering pizza's now?

Scarlet Fever - Antique Wine And Roses - Advanced Tracks Tape

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kenmores - Prototype - Demo

I've got more demo tapes than i will ever have time to post. Today i just walked by a box in the basement and grabbed one out on the random. No info on these guys but take a bit of Helmet, Steel Pole Bathtub, VoiVod, & Tad, add in some 90's Alternative influences, even though you really want to be Metal, but Metal wasn't all that fashionable, give it a slightly proggy pop edge while still keeping it slightly grind-y, and you might get close to these guys sound...

Pretty cool riffs here and there on this one. I like when the singer stays screamy and more sinister but i can do without the "singy" parts or the spoken word entries..... ugh.

a total 90's time piece.

the band consisted of:

Bass - Byran Bridgman
Guitar - Tannon Penland
Drums - John Freiberger
Vocals - Dwain Curd

Kenmores - Prototype - Demo

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Oxblood - Demo

Tough working class Oi by NY band Oxblood.

The bands bio taken from their Website:

The band started out in 1992. There was not much of an oi scene in nyc at the time. Some bands came and went until four die hards members, tired of no shows, no bands, but so much oi in their blood to start a band for themselves, and embark onto a journey that still continues today. A band that would go down and still is in the history of oi as the most infamous, band around. In the beginning, the line-up consisted of Harry drums, unknown bass, Mac guitar, frank vocals. Harry left the band to pursue his tattooing career in 1994. Frank left right after that to pursue his Psychobilly band(TR6).So Mac jumped on vocals.Kev joined the band on drums in Febuary of '96.After Frank's departure of the band in '94,he returned to his duties as the original vocalist in March of '08. The current line up consist of Frank on vocals, unknown on bass, Kevin on guitar/drums and Alex (Carnage Krew,Fed Up,Offensive Weapon)on drums/guitar.This is the last and final line up from here on out... In spite of their reputation, rumors and setbacks that they have encountered throughout the years, Oxblood is still alive and kicking. The gods of of oi are looking upon them and guiding them through thick & thin to the path of victory. A reflection of our everyday life in New York City. We sing about many things . We do many covers in our sets by bands like Sham 69, 4skits, & other early oi French bands. Rose Tattoo-remedy etc.

Happy 4th of July America......

Oxblood - Demo