Monday, December 30, 2013

Out Of Darkness - 1991 Demo

New York thrash metal from 1991. Pretty ripping stuff. Shred the fuck out!

Out Of Darkness - 1991 Demo

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Count Von Count - Hey Asshole

Awesome lo-fi noisey pissed off doom metal from Count Von Count from Delaware. The tape is from 2008 on Yeah! Dune records.

You can read a great review at Hellride Music.

Count Von Count - Hey Asshole

Monday, December 9, 2013

Kurbjaw - 2 Song Demo

Some early 90's NJHC. 2 song demo tape from New Jersey's Kurbjaw. No track titles listed so if anyone knows the songs let me know.

Ok i reached out to Kurbjaw drummer Tommy who has verified the tracks.

Track 1: Secure

Track 2: Forgotten

The first was a track off a double 7" comp called north by northeast and the second comes of our second and final ep.

Kurbjaw - Track 1

Kurbjaw - Track 2

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Lycanthropy - Tribe Of The Moon Demo

Punky metal from Lycanthropy w/ Tribes Of The Moon demo. I don't know much about these guys, where they were from or what year this is from. My guess is that they were some metal kids that found The Misfits (and S.O.D.). Sorta klunky and inept but punky enough in spots to keep you nodding along. Plus the lead guitar players name is SECRET WEAPON!!! Fuck with that!?!??

File under "Misfits Metal"...

Lycanthropy - Tribe Of The Moon

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Another State Of Mind - Demo

Early 90's New Jersey Hardcore.

Here's a small blurb written by Guitarist Steve:

Steve Silberg Guitar /bass 94

Greg Antine Guitar

Mike Antine Drums

Sean Gilmartin bass /lead vocal 94/95

Roger Jagoo lead vocal 91/94

John Adubato bass 95

Band formed in late 91 with all the members from Brick and Toms River N.J.

A pretty main stay local act found at the cafe bar .. brighton bar .. stone pony .fastlane...City Gardens. and about every VFW /church hall/college shows we could jump on within a few hundred miles... Influenced heavily by the likes of Sick of it all... Leeway.. Judge.. and just the right amount of Sabbath...
after the band ended Steve and Sean went on to form "Smother" and then later Steve "A Day Of Pigs" while the Antine brothers formed the band "Infusion" ....

Another State Of Mind - Demo

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

S-Fro-7 - Radio Galaxies

I (barely) remember seeing S-Fro-7 at The Brighton Bar in Long Branch NJ back in the mid 90's. I can't remember with who of if we played with them but i liked them enough to get this tape off of them. I always liked the live track here and it made of bunch of comp. tapes i made back in the day. This is some pretty cool Lo-Fi Noise / Grungey Punk rock. Info is pretty scarce on the Denver Colorado band so if anyones has any info feel free to drop it here.

S-Fro-7 - Dizzylifter

S-Fro-7 - The Little Baby

S-Fro-7 - Kurtis Klinghammer (Live)

S-Fro-7 - Aliens And Skinheads

Monday, November 25, 2013

S.O.V. - Demo

Here is some mid 90's New Jersey Punk Rock from S.O.V. - I'm getting old and lazier by the second so i downloaded the whole demo as one track. I don't have the time or the patience to individualize each track. Take it or leave it.....

per comment the track list is:

1 Violent Oppression
2 Flug
3 Roll
4 Education
5 Power Of The Government
6 Contradiction
7 Out In The Streets
8 Dope Fiend
9 Cold
10 Raw
11 Viva La Revolution


S.O.V. - Demo

Individual tracks curtesy of Dan!

S.O.V. - Demo

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

10-96 - Mental Subject

A million years ago i used to trade a lot of tapes and write to a lot of 'zines and other bands. One of the bands i became friends with was 10-96 from Kenosha WI. In particular the bass player or was it drummer? Moon. I guess we sorta became "pen pals". I would trade him tapes of my band and he would send me shit back. I think he did a 'zine back then too (Kenosha Core?) if i can remember correctly and included my shit band Social Decay in it once. One thing i remember is that he collected beer cans. Anyway over the years i've lost touch with these guys but it looks like they played well into the 90's and put some records out too. i'll have to try and track them down. Looks like singer Dean Dirt is no longer with us..... R.I.P. My memory is pretty shot but i'm guessing this is from around 1986, give or take a few years in either direction.... It's a live practice tape and sounds like these dudes were rippibng it up and having a good time. I'm pretty sure i have some more stuff from them back in the day or should say "had". I've lost a lot of crap over the years but for now dig into some gnarly mid-western drunk punk...

10-96 - Mental Subject

Friday, August 16, 2013

Los Mas Peores - EP

got this link from a reader. pretty killer hardcore from Los Mas Peores.

Check it out.

Digital Album
Immediate download of 5-track album in your choice of high-quality MP3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.
Free Download

Los Mas peores - Status Quo 00:43
Desconfianza 01:07
Enemigo 01:43
Homovidens 01:47
Superficial 01:42

Este es el EP de nuestras primeras 5 canciones. Fue grabado por nosotros mismos de forma muy casera.
released 01 October 2012
Grabado por Los Más Peores y Victor Ojeda.

Los Mas Peores - EP

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Boneless - 1991 Demo

Sorta punk rock & roll from South Jersey. Boneless put this tape out in 1991. The Seattle "grunge" element is totally present. Don't let that put you off. This is a pretty cool little mix of punk, grunge, metal, art rock & plain old rock and roll. They sounded great live after 12 beers and a few shots.

Boneless - White Trash

Boneless - Hydrophobia

Boneless - Mike's Other Theme

Boneless - Suzy Cadillac

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tectonic Break - 2 Song Demo

Ok, so i usually do tapes here but i just stumbled upon this little cd-r that i had tucked in a box and had not listened to in years, and man is this good. Not sure if Tectonic Break ever really did anything officially other than a few comps but i was friends w/ the bass player Patric Carlsson, who at the time was also the bass player for Half Man. And he sent this to me way back when. The singer git man Janne Bengtsson was also in Half Man. I've long since lost the song titles so if anyone knows please let me know. After Half man & Tectonic Break Patric and Janne started another band called Skånska Mord. Below is the wiki info on Half Man and Tectonic Break and some info on Skånska Mord i pulled off youtube.

Half Man formed in 1986 in Örkelljunga Sweden but split after two years.[1] The original line-up featured Janne Bengtsson on guitar and vocals, Gunnar Andersson on guitar and vocals, Patric Carlsson on bass, and Mats Nilsson on drums. The band reformed in 1990 with Bengtsson and Carlsson accompanied by guitarist Peter Lilja and drummer Roger Bengtsson.[1] A demo was recorded in 1994 but an album was not recorded until 1998, when the band self-released The Complete Field Guide for Cynics in a limited run of 500.[2] Border Records picked up the album and re-released it in larger quantities. The band released a split 7" with Mothercake in 2000 and appeared on Small Stone Records tribute to Aerosmith, Right in the Nuts. The band released their second and final album in 2002 entitled Red Herring on the Italian label Beard of Stars.

Janne and Patric also had a side project called Tectonic Break featuring Mattias Nilsson and Peter Johansson who released a couple of songs on different compelation albums. Later Janne and Patric started the band Skånska Mord with members of the band Mothercake in 2006. The album Last Supper where released in 2010.

Skånska Mord was founded in 2006 by members from the then-defunct bands Half Man and Mothercake. Janne Bengtsson and Patric Carlsson have been playing together for 16 years in Half Man and before that for even more years in various constellations, pretty much inseparable through both their musical careers. Half Man released two full-length albums - The Complete Field Guide for Cynics (1999) and Red Herring (2002), the first being a self-released private pressing and the second released through the Italian label Beard of Stars. Janne Bengtsson and Patric Carlsson where also in the band Tectonic Break that contributed one track to the Small Stone Records compilation Sucking the 70's 2002.

Patrik Berglin, Thomas Jönsson and Petter Englund all came from Mothercake, another long-lived band. Mothercake also released one privately pressed album, an eponymous effort in 2003.

Half Man and Mothercake shared one split single, aptly titled Half Man vs. Mothercake Vol. 1, in 1999.

The different band members all have at least two things in common. First the fact that they all come from the same place, Örkelljunga, a small village in the south of Sweden. The three older members Janne Bengtsson, Patric Carlsson and Patrik Berglin have been friends since their early teenage years. The second thing in common is the love for old 70's hard and heavy rock. A lot of inspiration has been gathered through the years from Jan Bengtsson's and Patric Carlsson's sizeable collections of vintage vinyl, amongst the rich amounts of hard rock, progressive, blues and psychedelia. In some way this shared musical background have given birth to a special sound which is distinctive as coming from Örkelljunga. Where Half Man played a blues based heavy rock and Mothercake had more metal inclinations it still had that same sound. A sound with one foot firmly planted in the seventies, yet going somewhere fresh and new. Perhaps the music of Skånska Mord sounds something like a blend of both Half Man and Mothercake.

The album, The Last Supper, was recorded during the spring of 2009 by Martin Ekelund and was released by Small Stone Records in Januari of 2010.

Tectonic Break - 1

Tectonic Break - 2

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Big Nurse - 1989 Demo

One of my fave (mostly) unknown New Jersey bands, Big Nurse w/ their 1989 self titled demo. These guys should have rode the Seattle "grunge" wave to superstardom but.... you know, the best laid plans and all that. "Hey Hey" & "Tied Up" from this demo tape only release were released on Heat Blast Records (HB 002) and "Love You Tomorrow" was released on the 7 inch compilation "Holier Than Seattle" also on heat Blast Records HB003.

I've already written a small little piece on the band over at my other blog "The Devils Music" take a peek if you feel the need...

Big Nurse - 1989 Demo

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

SIVLE - Live @ T-Birds Cafe Asbury Park, N.J. 6-13-94 & The Brighton Bar Long Branch N.J. 4-23-94

The King Is Dead! Long Live The King? Rock & Roll suicide.... I just got this tape in the mail from an old friend. Wow.... memories. Some live jamming shenanigans by a bunch of stinky acid taking hippes deconstructing rock & roll. They all lived in one house and it was actually dubbed "The Hippy House". Lots of jams & drugs and drinking and what not.... I promise you, you will not hear this anywhere on the web but here. And probably for good cause... Dose up maaaaaaaaaan.....

SIVLE - Live @ T-Birds Cafe Asbury Park, N.J. 6-13-94

SIVLE - Live @ The Brighton Bar Long Branch N.J. 4-23-94

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Gigantic - Gigantic Demo 1990 or 1991?

I just pulled this out of a box a few days ago and posted it up for the boys in the band who i am still in touch with via the facebook. awesome little tool.... i asked the boys what year and they weren't sure. They said 1990 or 1991. anyway i did a post on Gigantic HERE: already so i won't bore u with details. If you dig some early 90's alternative post punk indie pop rocks dig in! if not, go in peace....

Gigantic - Gigantic Demo 1990 or 1991?

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Penance - Bridges To Burn

Killer Doom Metal from Pittsburg from Long standing doomers Penance. Bridges To Burn from 1998. I've been lucky enough to see these guys (and girl) a few times and actually call them friends.

This shit rules. DOOM ON!

Wiki info:

Penance was an American doom metal band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

PENANCE began in 1989 with the members of Pittsburgh area band DREAM DEATH moving more solely in a classic Doom direction. Drummer Mike Smail, guitarist Terry Weston, and bassist Rich Freund (who had replaced original bass player Ted Williams in Dream Death, following Williams' departure to another local band, EVICTION) recorded the "LIVING TRUTH" demo, with Brian (Lawrence) Goodbread originally a guest member. One of these demo tracks, "Contemplation", was on the RISE ABOVE RECORDS compilation: "DARK PASSAGES", and Mike Smail would later record with Rise Above owner and ex-NAPALM DEATH vocalist Lee Dorrian, on CATHEDRAL's debut album "FOREST OF EQUILIBRIUM".

With Brian Goodbread (himself a founding member of Dream Death) handling vocals and rhythm guitar, PENANCE recorded and released "THE ROAD LESS TRAVELLED" on Rise Above Records in 1992, and would go on and tour Europe in support of the album the following year, alongside fellow doom titans SLEEP and CATHEDRAL. Goodbread left the band before the tour, and Lee Smith became the group's singer, with Weston being backed by CATHEDRAL'S Gaz Jennings on rhythm guitar for the tour.
After returning to the states, Penance were free to sign with another label and would do so with CENTURY MEDIA, who had expressed interest in the group before Penance released "The Road Less Travelled", with Rise Above. New members Lee Smith and Frank Miller were on board following the departures of Goodbread and later Freund, and this line-up recorded 1994's "PARALLEL CORNERS". With better production and a broader release, the album helped the band to gain more fans worldwide. "Parallel Corners" was later hailed by Martin Popoff in "The Guide to Heavy Metal" as one of the top five "post-Sabbath" albums ever released.

Sometime after Miller left the group, and Lee Smith ran into visa issues, subsequently having to return to England, Weston and Smail would eventually begin working with vocalist Brian "Butch" Balich. In 1998 the band recorded and released the "BRIDGES TO BURN" demo, with a little help from Brian Goodbread, who played bass on the recording. The demo let fans and record labels know Penance was still active and working on new material. With new bassist Ron Leard on board, the band would release their next full length album, 1999's "PROVING GROUND", themselves. This same line-up would also record the "TURN FOR THE WORSE" demo in 2000, which featured songs later released on "ALPHA AND OMEGA". The band's eventual new label, MARTYR MUSIC, would remix, remaster and re-release "PROVING GROUND" in 2001.

2001 would also see a new Penance offering released by Martyr Music, with a new line-up as well. Ex-NOVEMBERS DOOM and MYTHIC bassist Mary Bielich, and guitarist Matt Tuite, formerly of WICKER MAN and MUSTACHE, joined Smail, Weston, and Balich for "ALPHA AND OMEGA". The arrival of the two new members brought in fresh viewpoints and influences to the band, and a bit of a positive shift in mood can be heard on the album.

2003 saw the release of "SPIRITUALNATURAL", again with Martyr Music. Founding member Terry Weston would leave at some point during the production of the album, but co-wrote and played on a few of the songs heard here, while Matt Tuite contributed a good portion of the music to this very vital final album. HUMBUCKER guitarist Dave Roman was recruited to join the band and contributed to the songwriting as well. This line-up would see Penance's return to Europe that same year. Penance would later disband, with its members heading in different directions. In 2004 drummer Mike Smail recorded albums with INTERNAL VOID, the legendary PENTAGRAM, and now operates his own drum shop in Kittanning, PA. Butch Balich fronts the metal bands ARGUS and MOLASSES BARGE in the Pittsburgh area, while Mary Bielich and Matt Tuite joined BEHIND ENEMY LINES, an Anarcho-Crust punk band, also based in Pittsburgh. Matt Tuite has since played with THE EVIL MACHINE as well, and both Tuite and Bielich are members of DEL RIOS and THE MUD CITY MANGLERS.

In April 2007 PENANCE played the DOOM OR BE DOOMED festival in Baltimore, Maryland, with Smail, Weston, and Balich being joined by Dave Roman on bass. Smail and Roman would go to record the UNDER THE SUN album "MAN OF SORROW" with Dennis Cornelius in 2010.

Penance - Bridges To Burn

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Various - People Are Hungry Compilation Volume 1#

People Are Hungry Compilation Volume 1# from 1986 on Inward Visions Records. Carl Casanova from Psycho Sin was the man behind IVR and put out a bunch of comps back in the day. This was done with all local bands from the NY & NJ area and was supposed to help open up a soup kitchen in Jersey City New Jersey. I doubt that ever happened as i can't image these sold all that well...!? Anyway this is a fun romp and brings me back to those days. The quality is a bit dubious, as these i'm sure were all hand done by Carl is his bedroom. These early School of Violence tracks kick ass! Also: Beware seems to be Psycho Sin in disguise????

1 Beware – Riot In The City
2 Beware – The Livin' Dead
3 Mechanical Bride – No Destination
4 Chronic Fear – Discrimination
5 Chronic Fear – No Fear
6 Social Decay – Too Young To Die
7 Social Decay – Open You Eyes
8 Psycho Sin – Life's Gettin' Ridiculous
9 Psycho Sin – Ronald Reagan Must Die
10 Psycho Sin – Now
11 Psycho Sin – Bonzo Fucked Reagan
12 School Of Violence – Nightmare In Paradise
13 School Of Violence – Dark Design
14 School Of Violence – From Attitude To Action

Various - People Are Hungry Compilation Volume 1#

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Gigantic - Tommy Southard Delux Edition

Back in the early 90's there were a ton of cool bands happening in and around NJ. Gigantic were one of my faves. Even though i was in a straight up metal punk band i loved these hard rocking indie guys. They were raucous and noisy and rocking. They always played their asses off and it really looked like they were having the best time on stage. When my shit band got signed i tried to help them out and get them in touch with some folks who could help them. Not sure what ever happened, if they made contact not not, those days are fuzzy at best now but i know they broke up not too soon after due to some personal strife. Another one for the, shoulda, coulda, woulda file.... I'm pretty sure they made me this rehearsal tape of newer stuff to check out in hopes i could get it to some ears that would listen. Anyhow, this tape rules, 3 dudes down in the basement ripping it up, playing their asses off, and having fun. Done live and in 1 take each even the boom box quality doesn't matter, at least to me. This throws me back in a time machine. I don't know how many people will be into this or will give a shit about a small piece of New Jersey time/history but i love it. Gigantic should have been GIGANTIC!

Gigantic - Half Hour

Gigantic - First Names

Gigantic - Multiply

Gigantic - Great Big Man

Gigantic - Last Song

Gigantic - I Invented The Wheel

Gigantic - I Never Expected Anything

Gigantic - Ambulance

Gigantic - Cross My Fingers

Gigantic - What Does He Mean?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Slag - Demo (1985?)

Slag were hardcore punk from Coral Springs Florida from the mid/late 80's. This is a pretty rare little demo and i only have it because the drummer Timmy (Gitlan) Scheoleber is one of my best friends on this planet, and we have been for over 30 years. Back in the early 80's we started our first bands together and jammed in Timmy's garage. We sucked. But we were kids. Timmy was only 12 at the time, i think i was 14. We went by various lame names such as "The Mud Shuttle Band" & "The Never You Mind Band" & later when we thought we were metal "Destroyer". We would steal crap liquor from my Grand Ma's house and go get drunk and play. Anyway, not too soon after we started our Rock N' Roll careers together in the Garbage state of New Jersey, Timmy moved away to Florida. But we stayed in touch and wrote each other via real snail mail.

Fast forward a few years later and i started my own Hardcore band called Social Decay here in NJ and Timmy was in a Hardcore punk band called Slag in Florida. We traded tapes. And here is it some 27 or so years later. I'm pretty sure this was 1985. No later than 1986 and no earlier than 1984... The tape starts out a bit wobbly but hey, this this has been around for longer than most people reading this....

Timmy tells me stories of being completely fucked up on acid and crack and a lot of drinking w/ these miscreants. Punk rock life. The band consisted of Genny Slag on Vocals. Way Cool Jr. Larry on guitar. Black Troy on Bass & Timmy on drums. They played around the Coral Springs area and played with Florida bands like The Belching Penguins & Nuclear Beer and opened for big band s like The Dead Kennedy's, GBH & BGK.

Timmy and I are still friends and we have been jamming ever since he moved back to NJ in the early 90's... Even playing in a band called "Godspeed" that did some cool things like opening for Black Sabbath & Dio on tours in 1994.

I wish i had some more pics but it doesn't seem like any more exist from this time. Bummer. Just this little one you can hardley see....

If anyone is searching for Slag and finds this and has anymore info PLEASE drop it!

I will update with more info as/if i get it!

Slag - Demo (1985?)