Monday, January 31, 2011

Chronic Fear - Resoulutions Demo 1987

Quickly while i am feeling it and apathy takes over... Here is the 2nd Chonic Fear demo from 1987. 2 new ones and remakes of 2 from the 86 demo. No where near as great as the 1st demo, they seem to be hitting some later era 7 Seconds type ground...

Chronic Fear - Dying Leaves
Chronic Fear - Emotional Feedback
Chronic Fear - Bad Relations...
Chronic Fear - ...( A New Beginning)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Chronic Fear - Discrimination Demo & Live @ Rutgers 1986/87?

OK I'm feeling frisky and motivated, so today we have the Chronic Fear Discrimination demo. I think this is 1986. These guys were pals of SD and Lethal back in the day and we played a bunch of shows together as you can hear in the live stuff here from Rutgers when they give a shout out to Social and Lethal when they play Roaches Raid. I know i have some pics of some shows we played together which i will post at some point. These guys were a cool fast hardcore band w/ a bit of a sense of humor. They were fun. I'm not sure of the year of the live stuff, i'd say 86 or 87 but i cannot for the life of me remember much about the show or who taped it??? Again, i did not break the live stuff into individual songs. If you feel the need and are motivated enough have at it. Downloading and scanning all this shit already takes way longer than you would think! Anyway, enjoy!

PS - I've reloaded the AWOL files from the Social Decay, Dirge & Lethal Aggresion demos and there is a new link to the complete Hogans Heroes discograpy over @ Blogged and Quartered!

Chronic Fear - Discrimination Demo

Chronic Fear - Live @ Rutgers 1986/87

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Blisters - My Room Demo 1986

Ok, this place has been dead and buried for a good long while now but i am feeling the need to resurrect and this was the perfect place to start as i told someone i had this demo and they wanted a listen. Hopefully i can gear this place up and stay a little more on top. I know all the old files are dead so i will also try and re-up all the files that divshare dumped. Thanks divshare. Anyway, here are The Blisters from New Vernon N.J. w/ the My Room Demo from 1986. I'm not sure why the tape cover has two songs listed (Finding it hard & Vandalism) listed that are not on the tape and 2 other songs on the tape not shown on the cover (Stale smell of beer & Save one for me) but that is how i got it from the band back in 86. But w/ all these DIY tapes back then done by the band themselves chances are by the time they got this thing done maybe they liked to 2 other songs better than what is on the cover. Its funny because i was kinda friends w/ these guys a bit back then and sorta lost touch when our band went in different directions. these guys stayed true to punk stylings and my band went way more hardcore. i ran into Bil or was it nitti ? @ the last Chronic Sick show and we chatted a bit. I can't remember what was even said or if he even remembers because i think there were plenty of drinks involved. ANYWAY, I always loved My Room & Letter from Hell. Both those songs are really really great! Sorta Poppy most definitely punky. Just really good crafted songs w/ great hooks and melody. Pretty obvious that someone had their heart broke... (letter from hell) I thought i had another demo from these guys, but if i did i can't find it. Maybe i'm just making that up. I know they put out a 7 inch and a full length both of which i own. So check this out!

PS - If anyone out there has a a copy of The Skulls demo from right around this time, maybe 85? I need a copy! I still have my cover but for some reason the 1st half of the first song is missing!


The Blisters - My Room
The Blisters - Letter From Hell

The Blisters - Stale Smell Of Beer
The Blisters - Save One For Me