Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lethal Aggression - From The Cunt Of The Fucking Whore Demo 1985

Alright, were back with some more NJ drug core and the Mighty LA!

My history with these guys goes waaaaaaay back. Singer John Saltz and i briefly playing in a trash band called Carnage with some "Spooge" back in maybe 82?... damn were old... anyway while the Hogans kids were straight edge and Social Decay had the Old and Ugly Decay Drunks and Decay Skins, Lethal were drug induced thrash core fueled by pills and Angel Dust. We played with the guys and had a shit ton of fun in the early days until a rift began between Social and LA when their guitar Rob quit and started hanging around the Social crew and then Social Decay bassist Dave went on to play guitar with Lethal...
Pretty silly stuff when I think about it now but back then it was war! Hahaha!

Drummer Kenny Lund went on to play drums in my current band Solace for many years. Bass player George Yeck is unfortunately since dead.

Whatever... I loved this demo then and i still get a kick out of it now dusting it off to download for the few folks that give a fucking rats ass! A minor classic masterpiece "From The Cunt Of The Fucking Whore" is and none to subtle...

I got tons of pics of us and LA from back in the day but I'm way to lazy to scan any but maybe at some point...

here is a live shot of John Satlz and Kenny Lund jamming in my basement. This is probably right before the cops busted up the party and it turned into a full blown riot!

Individual Tracks:
Lethal Aggression - Spooge
Lethal Aggression - Vodda Vodka
Lethal Aggression - Country Pig
Lethal Aggression - Morbid Reality
Lethal Aggression - Anarcheology
Lethal Aggression - Metallic Rage
Lethal Aggression - Lust