Wednesday, August 15, 2012

killmidred - demo

Another early 90's time period piece when metal was looked down upon and alternative was all the rage and people still wanted to be heavy but without the cheese of REAL metal and would try to adpot both heavy & alternative.... i know i've seen and or played with these guys back in the day but can't remember a thing about them, but then again, i can't remember last week....

killmildred - life to distracted

killmildred - adoptee

killmildred - early grave

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

SmogMonster - Demo

SmogMonster is the spawn of great BASS heavy bands of the past , such as Flipper, Deep Purple, and yes even Sabbath, and more recent extreme bass-based bands, such as GodHeadSilo, EnemyMine, Death From Above and Lightning Bolt. .. The band is named after one of the finest Godzilla films of all times - - the environmentally conscious semi-musical/semi-animated early 70’s "Godzilla vs. The Smogmonster" - "history shows us again and again, how nature points out the folly of men ...." .. Armed with stacks of old and semi-reliable Ampeg, Peavey, Kustom and Guild amplifiers and a handful of old Fender basses - SmogMonster produces a big low-end throb that relies on extreme volume and lots of overdrive to make two basses and drums fill in all the sonic spaces. .. SmogMonster is Krishna on fuzz bass, Dave on base bass, Rick on drums and Nino on vocals. .. Also - if any of your are guitar weenies - check out Krishna’s guitar and bass restoration service - "any guitar, any color": ..
Nino - vocals Rick - drums Dave - Bass 1 Krishna - Bass 2
GodHeadSilo, Death From Above 1979, Melvins, Altamont, Monster Magnet, Flipper, Killing Joke, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Stooges, Tunnel of Love, Fu Manchu, Kyuss, SSD, Motorhead, Hawkwind, OM, Gang of 4, Big Black, Shellac, Boris, Turbo Negro, Big Business
Sounds Like
A bunch of guys drinking 40 ouncers in a warehouse in Somerville and playing bass and drums

Krisna Jain slso played guitar in F.C.C. (Fanous Cheesecake), Crucial Youth and Half Off...

Sorry no track list.... If you know 'em drop me the 411.

SmogMonster - Demo

Monday, July 30, 2012

Scarlet Fever - Atique Wine and Roses - Advanced Tracks Tape

I just picked this up in a South Jersey thrift. From what i read this is a band that turned into another band called Dogtown Balladeers... I don't know who they are either but i figured i would post this up for anyone who might be down with the goofy hair metal sleaze rock side of things. These guys were trying hard to cash in on that hair sound and be Skid Row, Guns & Roses, poison or later & lame Motley Crew, but as with most rock & roll dreams, they crashed and burned with hardly a whimper..... Well, The Dogtown Balladeers did actually put out a CD in 1995 called "Antique Wine & Roses" which is what this tape was going to represent but i never knew it even existed until i found this tape and did a little searching.... I wonder where these guys are delivering pizza's now?

Scarlet Fever - Antique Wine And Roses - Advanced Tracks Tape

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kenmores - Prototype - Demo

I've got more demo tapes than i will ever have time to post. Today i just walked by a box in the basement and grabbed one out on the random. No info on these guys but take a bit of Helmet, Steel Pole Bathtub, VoiVod, & Tad, add in some 90's Alternative influences, even though you really want to be Metal, but Metal wasn't all that fashionable, give it a slightly proggy pop edge while still keeping it slightly grind-y, and you might get close to these guys sound...

Pretty cool riffs here and there on this one. I like when the singer stays screamy and more sinister but i can do without the "singy" parts or the spoken word entries..... ugh.

a total 90's time piece.

the band consisted of:

Bass - Byran Bridgman
Guitar - Tannon Penland
Drums - John Freiberger
Vocals - Dwain Curd

Kenmores - Prototype - Demo

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Oxblood - Demo

Tough working class Oi by NY band Oxblood.

The bands bio taken from their Website:

The band started out in 1992. There was not much of an oi scene in nyc at the time. Some bands came and went until four die hards members, tired of no shows, no bands, but so much oi in their blood to start a band for themselves, and embark onto a journey that still continues today. A band that would go down and still is in the history of oi as the most infamous, band around. In the beginning, the line-up consisted of Harry drums, unknown bass, Mac guitar, frank vocals. Harry left the band to pursue his tattooing career in 1994. Frank left right after that to pursue his Psychobilly band(TR6).So Mac jumped on vocals.Kev joined the band on drums in Febuary of '96.After Frank's departure of the band in '94,he returned to his duties as the original vocalist in March of '08. The current line up consist of Frank on vocals, unknown on bass, Kevin on guitar/drums and Alex (Carnage Krew,Fed Up,Offensive Weapon)on drums/guitar.This is the last and final line up from here on out... In spite of their reputation, rumors and setbacks that they have encountered throughout the years, Oxblood is still alive and kicking. The gods of of oi are looking upon them and guiding them through thick & thin to the path of victory. A reflection of our everyday life in New York City. We sing about many things . We do many covers in our sets by bands like Sham 69, 4skits, & other early oi French bands. Rose Tattoo-remedy etc.

Happy 4th of July America......

Oxblood - Demo

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hell Sausage - Look Up AT The Sun And Sneeze Demo

One of the best demo tapes you have never heard. Noise & awesomeness from NJ circa mid/late 80's on the equally awesome Cool Beans Tapes. Cool Beans was run by one time Monster Magnet guitarist John McBain & Former Monster Magnet drummer/singer and light dude and all around great guy Tim Cronin.

Pretty sure this was Joe Hell Sausage alone in his garage drunk and high and making music pretty much for himself. It rules.

I love this tape.

Hell Sausage - Look Up AT The Sun And Sneeze Demo

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Burnt Toast Band - S/T Tape

Ok, enough with the reader submissions for now. I just found this tape in a thrift store here in NJ. I almost didn't buy because the cover looked sorta hokey and it was a whole .99 cents! and i didn't want to waste a buck on it.... hey, i'm unemployed and every buck counts! But, i opened it up and the 1st song title was "Stoned".... So i figured oh hell, i will pay a buck to hear it. I'm glad i did. It is actually a pretty awesome lo-fi & overdriven heavy 70's stoner style rock tape with some really long guitar jams with plenty of that slightly inept playing that teeters on the brink of destruction @ every note! = awesome! Its mega distorted and pretty low fi which reminds me of some George Brigman and new band Vee Dee in spots, with a slightly more pop element times. And i do mean slight. maybe it has a bit of a Seattle Grunge thing going on too.... ?There is something else it reminds me of but i just can't place it in my brain right now. (maybe Mad River or Pavlov's Dog) If i was told this was 1974 instead of 1994 it would not be hard to believe it. It sounds that authentic. I really dig it besides the lame tape cover. I searched & searched for info on this band from Scranton PA and found NOTHING. If you have any info please let me know. All i have is the info on the tape.

Fran Dodgson - Bass
Paul Iacavazzi - Drums
Matthew Balmer - Guitar
Pete Iacavazzi - Guitar / Vocals

Produced by John Meyers at Plymouth Rocks Recording Studio. (I'm half tempted to call the number listed!)

For now enjoy!

The Burnt Toast Band - S/T Tape

Monday, June 4, 2012

Wasteland Massacre - Pieces From The Wasteland Demo

Here is anothe reader submission.... I have not checked my mail for a while and i got a bunch of emails asking to post demos, hence all the readers submissions. besides that i am lazy and ripping actual demos takes a lot of work! Here is an email i got below:


My name is Eva and I´ve discovered your blog, a good place for artists who want to share their music.

Well, I´m a singer on a Death-progressive metal called THE WASTELAND MASSACRE and we´ve thought that it´ll be great If you gave us the chance to put our demotape "PIECES FROM WASTELAND" in your blog, ´cause we want to share our music with other countries ( well, I´m sure you´ve realised I´ve got a fucking horrible level of English, We´re Spanish; and, my dear friend, In Spain it´s sooooo hard share metal music, most people of this country just like shit easy music, nothing intelligent or new or nothing)

The mediafire link for the Pieces From The Wasteland Demo

You´ve got our covers in the rar archive

we´re in youtube too
I´ll give you our myspace, too.

And our website

Thank you a lot, and I´ll wait for your reply!!!

-Eva M Gonzalez

Progressive Death Metal is not exactly my cup of tea but this has some momments. Try it out for yourself...

Whipstriker - Hell Yeah!

New song (4 way split w/ Unhaligäst, Sübmitt , Flageladör)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dr. Aids - Necroquegcuntcore

Look at this shit.... I got this email 2 years ago!!!

From: Andy Agz Rose .
Sent: Sun, July 25, 2010 3:24:56 PM
Subject: your blog my blog & my band

Hiya fancy putting our band on your blog here's the link on my blog tells ya all about it there just trying to get our name around all fun were two 41 year old with younger guy (s) bass player joining in September, having a laugh taking the piss out of celebrities cause we hate them!! anyway done it in 4 hrs recorded,mixed & edited hop ya like it if ya do let us know & put it on you blog please cheers. We've recently been described as CHAOS Uk with hellhammer riffs & united mutations dbeat hmmm personally I think CHAOS UK where shit so what does that tell ya!! We call it NECROQUEGCUNTCORE ;)

If ya wanna get technical me & the drummer tried to do our own band in 1989 Barfin Aliens but we never got far this is like a continuation only with better guitarist haha! (& we never seen each other for about 17years!!) Anyway understand your aiming at 80's /90's stuff even if ya dont review it have a look cheers



Dr. Aids - Necroquegcuntcore

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Wicked Suffer - Raw Demo

Whoa! Another reader submission.... MEGA lo-fi (boom box) recording on this one. But then again i can imagine it must not be easy to get any real studio time in Indonesia can it? It is pretty rough stuff but hell if anyone reads this blog i figure i'll try and help out some hardcore punkers from Indonesia. It can't be easy being a punk there....??? This blog is turning into more of a reader submission blog than me posting my own old demos, which was the original intent but i'll get back to posting older stuff soon.

hello ...
first we're introduce our self we're wicked suffer, a HC/Punk band from Indonesia
we wanna share our ideas/music to over the world. we hope you can upload to your blog. please help us

1.web :
Wicked Suffer Blogspot link :
Wicked Suffer Raw Demo

3.track list :
1.Wicked Suffer - Ares
2.Wicked Suffer - Liar Parade
3.Wicked Suffer - Evil Ways
4.Wicked Suffer - Ready To Fight [Negative Approach cover]

we attached you picture

Thanks alot and best regards

Friday, June 1, 2012

Whipstriker - Midnight Crust Demo

Another reader subission. This is some killer crusty Venom inspired Punk Metal from Rio de Janeiro, Selecione a sua região., Brazil. Just look at these dudes... METAL AS FUCK! Awesome. Rude, Crude, Lude and Heavy as shit!!!! Ahhhhh.... brings me back to my ugly misguided youth. Check out their Myspace page if you want some more info & pics and shits.....

Here is the email i got with the demo....


Here is Victor from Whipstriker - Brazil.
I´m sending here a link to download our demo. It calls "Midnight Crust" 2010. The front cover you can take attached.
The demo was released in completely DIY way. If you like it, please put the link in your blog.

Thanx the support!

Victor - Whipstriker

Enjoy. i like this one!

Whipstriker - Midnight Crust Demo

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hatröss - Echoes Of War

! Hatröss !

Another reader submission. Here is Hatröss, a crusty black metal metallic noise band from Bogota, Colombia. Old-school raw crust punk & black metal that Sounds like a lo-fi Venom, Hellhammer, Discharge orgy of noise... & that is music to my ears.

Check out the bands website:


Download the demo for free...

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Feral Babies - Demo

Man i suck... I got this demo last year and just got around to posting it up..... Feral Babies is a hardcore punk band from Tampa, FL. Music is primitive, raw, angry and fast but maintains a catchy and melodic vibe to it. Similar to late 70's Cali punk acts like Circle Jerks, Germs, Dickies and JFA....

I really dig this. It lives up to the similarities posted above. I'd also throw in the word TIGHT! This is a great little slice of old school sytyled Hardcore. Before you know it the 5 song demo is over and your left saying i want more!!! Sweet.

Check out their FACEBOOK page where you can get the 7 inch and check out more pics and info or download the demo HERE:

Harbors - Recessive Departure

Even though i started this out as an old demo "TAPE" blog i get a few reader submissions from new demos and i TRY and give them all a listen. Here is one i got a while back that i figured i'd post up. Even though this is a far cry from MY old kind of hardcore i gotta give these youngsters some credit this has some balls and is noisy and angry in all the right spots. points taken away for the straight edge shirt the kid is wearing in their FACEBOOK picture since i NEVER realy got that whole thing.... But here ya go a pretty cool 1 track album by Harbors from Albuquerque NM.

Recorded Friday, February 10, 2012 at Gold Manor in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

released 11 February 2012

Harbors - Recessive Departure

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Underachievers - Skip The Salad Demo 1986

Wow.... It's been forever since i posted.... I promised this one to an old friend and it took me a while to dig it out but here is the great & under-rated demo from The Underachievers. The Skip The Salad demo came out in 1986. This is pretty typical hardcore punk stuff from NJ from that time period but doesn't get the respect it deserves. Don't know how many copies of these gout out back in the day but i would guess not that many... THE UNDERACHIEVERS were - Bruce Boyd (drums), Watson (guitar), George Schnurr (vocals), Chris Lough (bass)- I think Jon Kleiman one time drummer from Monster Magnet was in the band for a minuet too?

I think some of these songs were to be pressed to a 7 inch but that never happened. Great & Fun NJHC. Enjoy!

The Underachievers - Skip The Salad Demo 1986

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Social Decay - Live @ WFMU 1987

Happy New Year Fuckers! Social Decay Live on WFMU in 1987. This is what old school NJHC is all about! A DRUNK and RIPPING set from S.D. that found them being banned from WFMU after this performace and the band even received death threats while on the air!!! I guess we were having too much fun for the audience.... whatev...

This a rare little nugget. Not too many of these got out back in the day. So kick back, smoke up some leaky leak and pound down some potato pulp and crank this shit up!

Social Decay - Live @ WFMU 1987