Friday, June 17, 2011

Chumbucket - Demo - 1993

Chumbucket were:

George Matchuga - Vocals
Paul Lieberman - Bass + Wah
Chris Strunk - Lead Bass
Jerry Sopp - Slide & Noise Guitars
John Clark - Drums

Recorded + Mixed by Stacy at Subterranean Sound - HIGH ST. U.S.A.


Weird noisy psychedelic grunge rock made by a bunch of acid taking drunk stoners from New Jersey who back in 1993 were listening to too much Monster Magnet & Godspeed (2 Bass thing) and decided to start a band.

George Matchuga once sang for NJ thrash band Oblivion.

Chumbucket - 14 lb Test

Chumbucket - Mary Jane

Chumbucket - Acid House

Chumbucket - The Villager

Chumbucket - Chunky Blue Cheese


Anonymous said...

Nice. I used to work with George and actually have this on disk which I bought from him. Also have two of Oblivion's demo tapes ... nice that you mentioned them too.

Anonymous said...

"The Villager" is missing. The posted link is the same as "Acid House." Cool band, regardless. Thanks.