Monday, June 1, 2009

Basket Case - NYHC Demo 1986

OK some low brow NY (Staten Island) hardcore from 1986: these guys were pals with Social Decay and did a fanzine called Organized Confusion for a hot minuet. Don't know what ever happened to these guys or where are they now. Lost touch not too soon after this tape came out. I know i still have some stickers and flyers from them somewhere, i will try to dig them up at some point (Sticker added) but i did include scans of the lyrics and thank you list where they give a shout out to Social Decay. Just click on the lyrics to make it bigger to read.
If anyone has any where are they now info please drop it!

Basket Case - NYHC Demo 1986

Individual Tracks:
Basket Case - Basket Case
Basket Case - Blatz
Basket Case - Lotto Fever
Basket Case - Organized Confusion
Basket Case - Idea Of Life
Basket Case - Princess Primo
Basket Case - When Push Comes To Shove
Basket Case - C.R.
Basket Case - Friends Like You
Basket Case - Plastic People