Saturday, November 30, 2013

Another State Of Mind - Demo

Early 90's New Jersey Hardcore.

Here's a small blurb written by Guitarist Steve:

Steve Silberg Guitar /bass 94

Greg Antine Guitar

Mike Antine Drums

Sean Gilmartin bass /lead vocal 94/95

Roger Jagoo lead vocal 91/94

John Adubato bass 95

Band formed in late 91 with all the members from Brick and Toms River N.J.

A pretty main stay local act found at the cafe bar .. brighton bar .. stone pony .fastlane...City Gardens. and about every VFW /church hall/college shows we could jump on within a few hundred miles... Influenced heavily by the likes of Sick of it all... Leeway.. Judge.. and just the right amount of Sabbath...
after the band ended Steve and Sean went on to form "Smother" and then later Steve "A Day Of Pigs" while the Antine brothers formed the band "Infusion" ....

Another State Of Mind - Demo

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

S-Fro-7 - Radio Galaxies

I (barely) remember seeing S-Fro-7 at The Brighton Bar in Long Branch NJ back in the mid 90's. I can't remember with who of if we played with them but i liked them enough to get this tape off of them. I always liked the live track here and it made of bunch of comp. tapes i made back in the day. This is some pretty cool Lo-Fi Noise / Grungey Punk rock. Info is pretty scarce on the Denver Colorado band so if anyones has any info feel free to drop it here.

S-Fro-7 - Dizzylifter

S-Fro-7 - The Little Baby

S-Fro-7 - Kurtis Klinghammer (Live)

S-Fro-7 - Aliens And Skinheads

Monday, November 25, 2013

S.O.V. - Demo

Here is some mid 90's New Jersey Punk Rock from S.O.V. - I'm getting old and lazier by the second so i downloaded the whole demo as one track. I don't have the time or the patience to individualize each track. Take it or leave it.....

per comment the track list is:

1 Violent Oppression
2 Flug
3 Roll
4 Education
5 Power Of The Government
6 Contradiction
7 Out In The Streets
8 Dope Fiend
9 Cold
10 Raw
11 Viva La Revolution


S.O.V. - Demo

Individual tracks curtesy of Dan!

S.O.V. - Demo