Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hogans Heroes - Demo

Ok, some more NJHC here with what i believe is the 1st HH demo from around 85/86?

Hogans, Social and Lethal Aggression were the original 3 Hardcore bands from Ocean County, NJ:

These kids were a bit different than the dirty Social Decay crew. These were straight edge skater kids who by all appearances seemed a bit "better off" then us scum bags. But this demo is pretty cool and a nice piece of NJHC history. I guess in the "straight edge" world they went on to be pretty popular but after this demo i lost interest, i was to busy getting drunk to give a shit...

2nd singer Skip sang briefly with S.D. then talked shit about us... whatever. And George (git) used to walk 10 miles to my house sometimes to try and fuck my sister... I don't think he ever did... George and I still are friends and even jammed a bit for a while a few years ago.

You can get more info from the Hogans Heroes Myspace Page:

Hogans Heroes - Demo

Individual Tracks:
Hogans Heroes - Corporate Life
Hogans Heroes - Drugs
Hogans Heroes - Status Symbol
Hogans Heroes - Zombies Suck
Hogans Heroes - False Nadar
Hogans Heroes - State Vegetable
Hogans Heroes - Batman
Hogans Heroes - T.S.A.
Hogans Heroes - Stuck In A Rut

Self defense isn't listed on the demo cover but here is the track:

Hogans Heroes - Self Defense

Edit: 1/29/11 - All my files files are gone and the links are dead but you can grab the entire Hogans catalog over at Blogged And Quartered.