Thursday, October 29, 2009

Social Decay - Dreams Or Reality

Some one was cool enough to create this youtube "video" of Social Decay's Dreams or Reality from our 7 inch "Life's Not Hard..."

Dig in!

Friday, October 23, 2009

T.F.N. - Political Death 1986 Demo

Oh what a glorious pile of shit mess is this...

If this demo doesn't sum up our scene back then i don't know what does...
T.F.N. stands for TOTAL FUCKING NOISE! and man is this ever!
This is a horrible mess of vodka, cheap beer, and angel dust. Kids just getting fucked up for the sake of getting fucked up, be it boredom or to escape (There were plenty of well off kids who just wanted to get high but more than most were trying to escape)and then forming a band and ranting and raving about whatever... I love this pile of shit, i really do. It's a total crossover thrash hardcore nightmare played by 3 south jersy knuckleheads who could barely get it together and all of whom went on to play with Social Decay at one time or another.

Bass player Dave Gutierrez played with us 1st from around 85 to 87. And now plays with the newly brought back to life Social Decay. (we just played our 1st show in years)

Then Eddie "Boppo" Ramos (R.I.P.) played drums for Social from around 87 to 90 or so when we finally called it quits. I miss that son of a bitch...

and Mike "Lunkhead" Roberts played with us off and on from around 87 or 88 to 90 as well.

Anyway, just like the Lethal Aggression demo this throws me right back to that tiny little dingy basement where we would jam and get fucked up day after day after day and create quite a god awful racket. Man, we sure didn't change the world (we weren't really trying to anyway) but fuck it if we didn't have fun...

Here is 2/3 of TFN... Unknown cat on the left, Dave, & Mike AKA Lunkhead and Rob D of then Lethal Aggresion on the right: This is what the 80's looked like in NJ...

T.F.N. - Political Death 1986 Demo

Friday, October 9, 2009

Psycho Sin - Violent New World 1985 Demo

You've all heard of Lo-Fi, well here is some NO-FI. These guys and gal were kings of pissed of, don't give a fuck noise of the highest order! If you weren't there there is no way to fully understand what i am saying! long before industrial bands were in fashion these guys were clanking steel pipes, trashing metal, banging on steel drums, mutilating accordions, and destroying everything in their path! Carl Casanova their lead (singer) was a good friend of mine for years back in the mid 80's and he was way active in the small underground NJHC scene back then, putting on shows at soup kitchens and putting out tape comps and helped out Social Decay a bunch back then. We played a bunch of shows together back then and i probably have about 8 to 10 different Pycho Sins demo's that i hope to get to at some point. I have tons of pics and flyers too, man i need more time to archive all this shit. Not that anyone gives a fucking shit... But here is the Violent New World 1985 Demo. As lo-fi (recorded on boom boxes) and pissed as it gets! I lost the track list to this years ago some some of these titles might be wrong, if you know, tell me so!!!
Also, you MUST get to the end of this demo for the "Filthy Skinhead Comic"
yeah and check this shit out! Psycho Sin myspace!!!!

Psycho Sin - Violent New World 1985 Demo

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Futile Effort - What's The Use? Demo 1984

Ok people, I'm back after a massive delay and i bring you another New Jersey gem with Futile Effort - What's The Use? Demo from 1984 or 85. These guys were from Trenton and i can't remember if we ever played with them or not maybe once at Middlesex College? I'd have to go back and check some of my flyers but anyway this is a really great demo that totally exemplifies the Jersey scene back then. So dig in and enjoy! And props to total goner for supplying this lost gem!

Futile Effort - Whats The Use? Demo 1984