Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Corpse - Demo

I just pulled this out of moth balls. The cover and track list are long since gone so i have no idea what the song titles are. I thought i had a sheet pf paper with them on it but can't find it anywhere. I traded tapes with some one for this. I think it was a band member but it had to be around 1986 or so so i can not remember much about. I know ther are from overseas somewhere, Poland? Germany? Fuck if i can remember.... It is some cool ripping thrasy style hardcore. The sound quality isn't the greatest (pretty sure its live to a boom box) but they get the point across with some slicing riffs and twisted vox. If anyone has any information about this group please leave some comments.

Also, there are six songs on this tape but i am almost certain that the last song is a different band? it sounds way different than the other 5. with a very early extreme metal vibe ala napalm death or some shit rather than a hardcore vibe. ...

The Corpse - Demo

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Malik said...

...from Poland. They were from Poland. I've seen them a couple of times but it was more like 89 I believe. Great band. Definitely one of the best Euro hardcore/thrash acts back then.
The last song, now I'm going back over 20 years so I could be wrong, is this weird band called Hellish Torment. No idea why this would be on this tape as H.Torment were from the US.