Friday, July 8, 2011

Neurotic Impulse - Demo 1986

I've had some people ask me for this one. Some pre Vision Hardcore. Neurotic Impulse spawned Vision.
Anybody that knows anything about Jersey Hardcore knows the name Vision right? One of the longest running positive "youth crew" hardcore bands. Starting somewhere around 1987. Well this is the origins of Vision, Neurotic Impulse from 1986. Not sure how many of these are floating about but i would guess not too many.

There is a very well written and informative bio written on Vision over at: I Scream Records. Its way better than anything i could come up with even though i was around from the beginning i can't remember much of those old days. All i have are these old demo tapes, some flyers and old pics to help sort out the peices. I know these guys as Neurotic Impluse played a show in my old basement. We had plenty of good ones down there in that hole. I know i have pictures somewhere i will have to dig up. In the meantime, enjoy this awesome little peice of NJHC history.
I wonder if these guys have ever had a beer yet??? Damn Straight!

Edit: 7/21/11
I got off my lazy ass and found a picture of N.I. playing in my basement.

Neurotic Impulse - Demo 1986 Side A

Neurotic Impulse - Demo 1986 Side B

Monday, July 4, 2011

Suburban Uprise - Live @ City Gardens

For the 4th of July i give you some American Skin music.

Before they were known as just The Uprise, they were Suburban Uprise. I lost the track list to this tape years ago but i know they start out with Skin Head March... I'm pretty sure this is live at City Gardens in Trenbton NJ but i can't be 100% sure. But that was The Uprise's stomping ground. There is a bunch of shit written about these guys being all WP but i don't know nothing about that. When we hung out with them we ALL hung out, blacks, whites, browns. So maybe that shit happened but it happened when we weren't around.

If anyone can help with the track list that would rule. I know what a few are because they call them out during the set. But Most i have no idea. Here is what i think is here. Help me fill in the blanks....

Skinhead March
Giving head to a bottle?
Too many Assholes?

(Land of the Free) USA

Acceptance is you Pt. 1 & 2



here is the correct? track list:

01. skinhead march
02. giving head to a bottle
03. too many assholes
04. dick's deli
05. vietnam song
06. land of the free
07. you tell me
08. no more favors
09. acceptance is you (part 1)
10. acceptance is you (part 2)
11. walk tall
12. bullshit
13. malpractice
14. weren't even there
15. land of the free (encore)

Suburban Uprise - Live @ City Gardens

Here is an old interview with them from Thretening Society Fanzine you can check out. They give a shout out to Social Decay and Lethal Aggression. Nice.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Social Decay - Practice Tape Sept. Oct. 87

SOCIAL DECAY REHEARSAL TAPE FROM 1987... Its a little noisy and ruff but man we were thrashing shit up back then. Fast and noisy drunk-core! I left some of the banter is as well. It is really great hearing Eddie alive and talking and asking what time it is because he has to be home for dinner! classic. RIP brother. Also Rich Beattie saying he wants to drink a little more.... and a little story about the "God Father".... Stupid, stupid fun... I know this might not appeal to lots of people but this is for my friends and for me... I guess you had to be there...

Social Decay - Practice Tape Sept. Oct. 87