Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Social Decay & Mental Abuse - Black Friday!!!

Together again after 20 some years!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pleased Youth - Sure We're Pleased 1984 Demo

OK back with some more great NJHC courtesy of total goner, thanks man! (if your reading any of this crap?)

Please Youth were a staple of early NJ hardcore. Guitarist Paul Decolator (RIP) was NJ hardcore man about town. You can read more about him at the Paul Decolater Memorial Page:
Back in the day these guys along with A.O.D. were every where in Jersey when it came to "the scene". I saw them a bunch and had the pleasure of playing with them a few times as well. They put out an LP on the classic NJ punk label Buy Our Records label which i own but i hadn't heard this demo until it arrived in my mailbox not to long ago, but its a good one!

Band members were:
Paul Decolator (guitar/vocals), Greg Walker (drums/vocals), Kieth Hartel (vocals), Doug Vizthum (guitar/vocals), Andy Skovran (bass), Larry Martin (guitar)

I remember seeing bass player Andy in his bleached jeans and bald head with a six pack of Guinness outside one of the shows and was like, there's a cool dude! hahaha!

I think he still plays in NJ Oi band Niblick Henbane

Paul used to do some radio shows on WPRB back in the day if i remember correctly as well. Man, that was a LONG time ago.... i'm pretty sure i have a few of them taped...

anyway, enjoy the demo and leave some comments fuckers!

Pleased Youth - Sure We're Pleased 1984 Demo