Thursday, August 18, 2016


Another reader submission:

Hi !
We are Chaviré, from Nantes, France !

Quickly, we are playing a kind of emo / screamo, influenced by the French emo scene of the late 90's / mid 00's - in the sound and the ethics - as bands like Amanda Woodward, Daïtro, Belle Époque and labels like Stonehenge, Pure Heart or Ebullition... Basically, we're based on DIY practices and ethics, we are standing against sexist, authoritarian, racist, homophobic and more globally oppressive attitudes, in favor of more bearable or fair alternatives. we are CHAVIRÉ and we come from Nantes, France.

We released our first demo on CDs and tapes. Artwork done by Phoenix Grayson.
If you want you can streaming and download it for free on our bandcamp.

Questions, review, translations or anything, you can write to us at :

♥ Ⓐ ♥

Chavire bandcamp

Cheers, up the punx

Phab / Chaviré

Monday, August 15, 2016


Another ready submission (I'm trying to catch up!)

Hello, punks, skins, musicians, bloggers, freaks, geeks and misfits. Obscene Being is proudly dropping the E.P "hot and ready" straight outta the gutters of East Vancouver. Check out our bandcamp, give a listen and share if you like. Were having our album release at Smiling Buddha Cabaret this Friday, 109 east Hastings. Any reviews or feedback send it to our facebook.

Up the punks


Obscene Being - Rot And Decay EP

OBSCENE BEING We are four buddies who play loud, fast, snotty punk rock. Looking for gigs! Hot and Ready EP., released 20 April 2015 1. Ticks 2. Smells like Ghetto 3. Time 4. Cops and Ponx 5. Lightning Bolts and Cutthroats 6. Protein 7. 3:00 Minute 8. Royal Blood 9. Jonny 10. Posters Recorded at 850 Thanks Dana and Cooper for art Keenan, Chance and Rain City Recorders for mastering The Vancouver PUNX and everyone who came out for backup vox NO THANKS to the Cops AND buddy who who got dropkicked at the Railway All songs written by Obscene Being Except 3:00 by buck and Highman James Grye III

Thursday, August 11, 2016


Another reader submission:

hello, we're
(eng. 'fur')

this cassette was released couple of months ago
it's a mix of heavy riffs, blackened atmosphere and lo-fi production, my gf sings and play bass, other buddy on guitar, me - drums
hope you'll like it

Siersc bandcamp

best regards

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Another reader submission:

We're Arrotzak, dark punk band from Spain. We just released our first demo tape and we're writing to spread it around in some blogs and podcasts.
Here you can listen it or download the entire record if you like it.


Feel free to share and copy any diffusion would be so appreciated!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Corrective Measure

Another reader submission:

Punk demo out of Bangor, Maine:

Corrective Measure - Bandcamp

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Uzvrat - Uzvrat

Another ready submission:


Here's some crust punk hardcore music hailing form Županja(Croatia) in 2015.

Members of Šutnja, Seppuku, Sapperlot, Hesperian death horse, Insekticid...

Feel free to publish , share , enjoy!We also have some CD-s if you are interested

Uzvrat youtube

Uzvrat - Uzvrat

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

LETDOWN - The Bottom EP

Another reader submission via email. This is a little too Pop Punk for my tastes but maybe somebody out there will dig it? Sounds like the offspring....?

Hey there,

Oshawa, ON punks, . The EP is currently streaming through Exclaim! STREAM THE BOTTOM AT EXCLAIM!

Would you be interested in sharing the EP stream?

LETDOWN is a loud, fun, in-your-face punk band. The sophomore effort was recorded with producer Terry Benn (The Glorious Sons) and hears the three-piece band providing a four-song soundtrack to growing up. The band is currently on a 12-date US tour (listed in press release).

Link to SoundCloud stream: Letdown - The Bottom EP

A press release is attached with more info, tour dates and links to high-res photos.

Please share if you're into it!



Tyler Martin
30 Brock St E
Oshawa, ON L1G 1R9

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Dooie Mus

I have not checked my email for this blog in at least a year. I just checked it and i'm still getting demo requests and people emailing their recordings and links, which is way cool. Sorry to all those who sent an email and i have not responded. I will TRY to get to them. Here is an email i just got:


We are ‘Dooie Mus’, a 2-piece screamo/emo band from Haarlem (The Netherlands). We just recorded our first demo, it’s for free on our bandcamp. It would mean the world to us if you wanted to listen to some of our songs and maybe share your thoughts on them.

Dooie Mus Bandcamp

Dooie Mus litarly means Dead Sparrow in Dutch. It's used in the expresion ‘iemand blij maken met een dooie mus’ (making somebody happy with a dead sparrow) which means making somebody happy with something that turns about to be very disappointing.

We started writing some songs in the beginning of 2016, which we recorded ourself when the summer started (2 mics and a computer).
If you want to respond or ask any questions feel free to contact our facebook-page: or the bandcamp-page:

Kind regards,
Joran & Danny from Dooie Mus

Monday, August 1, 2016

Even Keel - Demonstration Tape / Pain Cave Sessions

Hardcore from 2007. Hard to believe that this was almost 10 years ago already. Where the fuck does the time go!?!???? I wonder where these kids are now? Probably all accountants and lawyers....
5 rippers that come in at a little over 5 mins. i put them all in one file. Deal with it. It's over so fast you really don't need them separated.

Even Keel - Demonstration Tape / Pain Cave Sessions