Friday, June 24, 2011

NJ SUNSHINE Tape - Mechanical Bride - The Burnt - A.O.D. - New Republic

This tape was made for me by Harry Baggs. Harry ran the great NJ Zine Ear Wax back in the day. He also played guitar and sand in Mechanical Bride. We were kinda friendly back then. And he would send me tapes of stuff. He was also a good friend of Social Decay and gave us a lot of exposure in his zines early on.

I'm pretty sure The Mechanical Bride stuff is from one of their demo's and Side B is live stuff from The House Of Wax. Which were shows Harry would put on at his house. Sounds like everyone was having a good time! the Burnt give us a few very non PC tunes as only they could. AOD doing what they do best which is being goofy w/ a rap about crack and New Republic give us a Kiss cover... Can i have another beer?


Mechanical Bride - 29 Grand

Mechanical Bride - The Posse

Mechanical Bride - Picnic Ground

The Burnt - I Hate You / Social Disease

A.O.D. - Crack Rap

New Republic - I Want You

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Obsidious Quake said...

I hate to spam but I'm looking for feedback. I just started a blog check out the link for our demo. crusty/metal sound. cheers!