Monday, June 4, 2012

Wasteland Massacre - Pieces From The Wasteland Demo

Here is anothe reader submission.... I have not checked my mail for a while and i got a bunch of emails asking to post demos, hence all the readers submissions. besides that i am lazy and ripping actual demos takes a lot of work! Here is an email i got below:


My name is Eva and I´ve discovered your blog, a good place for artists who want to share their music.

Well, I´m a singer on a Death-progressive metal called THE WASTELAND MASSACRE and we´ve thought that it´ll be great If you gave us the chance to put our demotape "PIECES FROM WASTELAND" in your blog, ´cause we want to share our music with other countries ( well, I´m sure you´ve realised I´ve got a fucking horrible level of English, We´re Spanish; and, my dear friend, In Spain it´s sooooo hard share metal music, most people of this country just like shit easy music, nothing intelligent or new or nothing)

The mediafire link for the Pieces From The Wasteland Demo

You´ve got our covers in the rar archive

we´re in youtube too
I´ll give you our myspace, too.

And our website

Thank you a lot, and I´ll wait for your reply!!!

-Eva M Gonzalez

Progressive Death Metal is not exactly my cup of tea but this has some momments. Try it out for yourself...

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