Saturday, June 2, 2012

Wicked Suffer - Raw Demo

Whoa! Another reader submission.... MEGA lo-fi (boom box) recording on this one. But then again i can imagine it must not be easy to get any real studio time in Indonesia can it? It is pretty rough stuff but hell if anyone reads this blog i figure i'll try and help out some hardcore punkers from Indonesia. It can't be easy being a punk there....??? This blog is turning into more of a reader submission blog than me posting my own old demos, which was the original intent but i'll get back to posting older stuff soon.

hello ...
first we're introduce our self we're wicked suffer, a HC/Punk band from Indonesia
we wanna share our ideas/music to over the world. we hope you can upload to your blog. please help us

1.web :
Wicked Suffer Blogspot link :
Wicked Suffer Raw Demo

3.track list :
1.Wicked Suffer - Ares
2.Wicked Suffer - Liar Parade
3.Wicked Suffer - Evil Ways
4.Wicked Suffer - Ready To Fight [Negative Approach cover]

we attached you picture

Thanks alot and best regards

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