Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Slag - Demo (1985?)

Slag were hardcore punk from Coral Springs Florida from the mid/late 80's. This is a pretty rare little demo and i only have it because the drummer Timmy (Gitlan) Scheoleber is one of my best friends on this planet, and we have been for over 30 years. Back in the early 80's we started our first bands together and jammed in Timmy's garage. We sucked. But we were kids. Timmy was only 12 at the time, i think i was 14. We went by various lame names such as "The Mud Shuttle Band" & "The Never You Mind Band" & later when we thought we were metal "Destroyer". We would steal crap liquor from my Grand Ma's house and go get drunk and play. Anyway, not too soon after we started our Rock N' Roll careers together in the Garbage state of New Jersey, Timmy moved away to Florida. But we stayed in touch and wrote each other via real snail mail.

Fast forward a few years later and i started my own Hardcore band called Social Decay here in NJ and Timmy was in a Hardcore punk band called Slag in Florida. We traded tapes. And here is it some 27 or so years later. I'm pretty sure this was 1985. No later than 1986 and no earlier than 1984... The tape starts out a bit wobbly but hey, this this has been around for longer than most people reading this....

Timmy tells me stories of being completely fucked up on acid and crack and a lot of drinking w/ these miscreants. Punk rock life. The band consisted of Genny Slag on Vocals. Way Cool Jr. Larry on guitar. Black Troy on Bass & Timmy on drums. They played around the Coral Springs area and played with Florida bands like The Belching Penguins & Nuclear Beer and opened for big band s like The Dead Kennedy's, GBH & BGK.

Timmy and I are still friends and we have been jamming ever since he moved back to NJ in the early 90's... Even playing in a band called "Godspeed" that did some cool things like opening for Black Sabbath & Dio on tours in 1994.

I wish i had some more pics but it doesn't seem like any more exist from this time. Bummer. Just this little one you can hardley see....

If anyone is searching for Slag and finds this and has anymore info PLEASE drop it!

I will update with more info as/if i get it!

Slag - Demo (1985?)


demo tapes said...

to whom ever put a copy right infringement on this and took it off the blog can suck a dick.... this is/was my best freinds band and u can eat cocks.....

demo tapes said...

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