Thursday, March 27, 2014

Helen Shapiro - Demo

Throw equal parts Frank Zappa, Primus & Black Sabbath w/ some punk rock and thrash metal thrown in for good measure and you might get close to Helen Shapiro. Great band to see live and great guys. Bass player Tony Ricci was a close friend back in the day and took trips out of town with my old band Godspeed (He had a truck) and even played sax on our record "Ride". I think he moved out west and i aint heard from him since. Maybe, he will read this and get in touch!?! I still have my Helen Shapiro shirt with the cover of this demo on it.... strangely over the years it shrunk and doesn't fit anymore but it aint going anywhere. Hard to believe that this shit all happened over 20 years ago.... I only wish that we all had iPhones and video technology at our finger tips back then like we do now so more of the shit we did was documented. it's all lost to time and memory and these memories are fading as time goes on.... This was recorded at Subterranean Sound in Long Branch by Stacey Phelon where everybody from the shore recorded. And the members were Rob (Secretious) Avison, Jon (Flagpole) Baron & Tony (Cow) Ricci. If anyone know where Tony is tell him to drop me a line!

Helen Shapiro - Demo


Melissa Joy said...

I remember this band! I had the tshirt too. I dyed mine pink and wore it at my crappy mall job--Glamour shots

Jnurp said...

Hey this is Jon (flagpole) I just wanted to sincerely thank you for posting this. It is such a blast to walk down memory lane like this.