Thursday, August 15, 2013

Boneless - 1991 Demo

Sorta punk rock & roll from South Jersey. Boneless put this tape out in 1991. The Seattle "grunge" element is totally present. Don't let that put you off. This is a pretty cool little mix of punk, grunge, metal, art rock & plain old rock and roll. They sounded great live after 12 beers and a few shots.

Boneless - White Trash

Boneless - Hydrophobia

Boneless - Mike's Other Theme

Boneless - Suzy Cadillac


ValiumandCheesecake said...

Thanks for this post. If possible could you re-rip the last two tracks? Hydrophobia and Suzy Cadillac both end early at 2:46 for hydrophobia and 43 seconds for suzy cadillac. Hydrophobia was the best track off this tape.

demo tapes said...

i'm pretty sure that is how the songs are on the tape but let me try and dig it out and check!