Thursday, May 26, 2011

Godspeed Demo 1992

Listening to this now it sounds a little goofy to me but right around this time hardcore was dead to me and i was way more into Sabbath than Agnostic Front anymore, so i tried to do some kind of Metal Punk thing and this is what turned up... part on purpose and part accident. some cool metal riffs w/ some sort of snotty jello biafra / johnny rotten vox.... we were still trying to find out footing but the years that followed this demo were some of the best of my life... there was a 2nd demo that Atlantic records paid for and then a trip into Electric Lady studios for the Major Label debut... and tours w/ Sabbath and Dio... man, what a ride.... Anyway, i find this demo mildly amusing and pretty stupid and retarded but fun as hell.... we didn't know what we were doing and it shows but that was part of the fun. Ha ha ha!!!

Godspeed Demo 1992


thehellhawk said...

there aint nothing nothin' stupid or retarded about this stuff man! I Love it!

demo tapes said...

thanks hellhawk!