Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Futile Effort - What's The Use? Demo 1984

Ok people, I'm back after a massive delay and i bring you another New Jersey gem with Futile Effort - What's The Use? Demo from 1984 or 85. These guys were from Trenton and i can't remember if we ever played with them or not maybe once at Middlesex College? I'd have to go back and check some of my flyers but anyway this is a really great demo that totally exemplifies the Jersey scene back then. So dig in and enjoy! And props to total goner for supplying this lost gem!

Futile Effort - Whats The Use? Demo 1984


theeasysubcult said...

you gotta up GENERIC YOUTH's demo too. big greg sang in both bands. them and pleased youth played a lot of shows in the lehigh valley scene way back in the day.
generic youth were the genius combo that crucial youth completely ripped off later on.

heres some mp3 for you

gloom666 said...



Anonymous said...

2 versions of this tape. garage recording from 1984 with diff cover,then this studio version.. early1985