Wednesday, May 14, 2008

No Fraud - Demo 1985

2nd installment thanks to MF & Public Collectors:

Hey, here`s an MP3 of the entire No Fraud demo from 1985 (untitled).

I did not split it up into tracks (lotta work! It`s 18 tracks in about 24 minutes).

Public Collectors:

I have scans of the lyrics sheets but was having problems posting them since they are so big. Anyone wants copies i can email them.

No Fraud - Demo 1985


Aesop said...

Whoa, this is a totally different No Fraud than the one from Tampa, Florida I guess. Weird. ANyways, great site, very excited to see/hear more. Are you ripping these yourself? I might have an extra demo of the band I was in in High School to send your way.

SRQ Artisan said...

SRQ Artisan said...

Although No Fraud was best known in the Tampa Bay scene, the hail from Venice Fl.
This IS the original No Fraud demo recording, one of the most influential punk/hardcore recordings to ever come out of the Sunshine State.
I would also recomend the No Fraud 7" E.P. released on the No Clubs label. No Clubs are also responsible for bringing you such landmark hardcore acts as Pagan Faith and Belching Penguin.