Sunday, May 4, 2008

Social Decay - NJHC Demo 1985

Ok, here’s the 1st post on this here blog and this may be a little self-serving but hey, this is my blog. See this 1st band was my band, I played guitar in this band from day one until the end with a bunch of knuckle heads thrown in between.

This demo is total DIY. Hand drawn covers that I photo copied the covers at the local library for a nickel a piece and send these out to various fanzines across the country and the world in a day and age LONG before the internet. I can’t tell you how many hours I spent putting these things together and how many dollars I spent mailing these things out.

This was our second demo. The first being releases in 1984.

I have only one beat up copy of this demo left and I figure I should put it up before that tape goes the way of the dinosaurs and this shit is lost forever…. Who knows how many of these exist in the world anymore as demos were kind of throw away items back in the day. Lots of people would just tape over them or throw them out or whatever….

This tape consists of me (Tommy) on Guitar.
Steve Omert – Bass
Chris Marzulli – Drums
Dave Johnson – Vocals (RIP)

We were all still teenagers at the time.

I’ve also included 2 tracks that were never sent out from the same session….

Anyway, Social Decay was a New Jersey Punk - Hardcore band that started in 1983 and lasted until around 1990. We played lots of cool shows with a lot of cool bands (Agnostic Front, GBH, The Accused, AOD, Mental Abuse, Breakdown, Underdog, School of Violence, Rest in Pieces, Lethal Aggression, The Pychos, and many many more) and had a hell of a good time but never really progressed beyond our little scene. We did manage to finally release a 7inch in 1990 and soon after broke up until we played 1 show a few years ago for the 1st time in 15 years or some shit.

I’d like to also take this time and say that our one time and long time drummer Eddie (Boppo) Ramos (RIP) is loved & missed by many!

I could go one & on here but whatever, I hope some old school heads will enjoy these long lost NJHC tracks!

PS - Don't send hate mail to the addy on the demo cover, it's long since gone....

Edit: 1/28/11 - reloaded all files w/ better sound as divshare dumped them all! Enjoy!

Social Decay - Everyday Habit

Social Decay - Kill or Die

Social Decay - Scared Youth

Social Decay - Dismal Wit

Social Decay - Too Young to Die

2 non demo cuts from the same 1985 session:

Social Decay - Senseless Talk

Social Decay - LLD

More info here:

New Jersey Hardcore

Social Decay Myspace



FUCK YES. Downloading this now and just added your link to my site as well. Can't wait to check these tunes out since the 7" is fucking incredible! Looking forward to checking out future posts as well!

kevinmeyer71 said...

i still have plays great.i also have the skull clown sticker on my guitar case.hey tommy!i have a tape of you and steve and the drummer(cant remember his name)jammin at the drummers house in sounds great gotta hear it.

Anonymous said...


demo tapes said...

hey groovepiggy, glad you like it dick sucker!

Unknown said...

I still have the tape from the Faith fanzine or this zine sucks that has 2 of those tracks and some Doc Marten tracks. I'd love to get a hold of the DM tapes.

PS. What's up Whoopie Goldberg... I still laugh at that cop prick in Seaside that was like "Move along whoopie" pwnt. Hey Tom.

Devil Dick said...

phil, you wanna let me get my hands on any of the tapes you have so i can post 'em up?

let me know!!!

whoopi! ha!

Stormy said...

Wow, great stuff. This blog has huge potential. Keep it up.

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