Friday, August 15, 2014

Birdfriend - Demo

Heavy intrumental music made by a bunch of stinky acid eating hippies from Toms River / Long Branch NJ in the early 90's. I don't know if they ever made tape covers but i don't have one. They might have just made this to give to Jacko @ The Brighton Bar / Cafe Bar to get some gigs. The tape is also kind of wonky but I'm throwing it out there anyway. Pretty twisted Frank Zappa styled heavy metal, acid rock, surf rock freakout stuff. My memory is foggy but i think Jason Silverio played drums, or maybe Jim Butler? Or was it Matt Gunverdahl??? and Joe Butler bass w/ John Butler on Guitar but i could be wrong. These 2 songs are taped over a "Toast" demo tape that was the Butler brothers other band. If anyone has any more info please drop it...

Birdfriend - Track 1

Birdfriend - Track 2


Anonymous said...

Hi Tommy. These two tracks are not Birdfriend. These are two songs performed by me (John Butler) on guitar, Randy Parks on drums, and Andres' Karu on bass. We recorded a few demos and only played one gig.
We did not have a name. Randy the drummer was also in Birdfriend with me & my Bro Joe during this same period. Good times. Thanks! I hope you are well. . .

demo tapes said...

hey John! I'm just going by the name on the tape!!!

what are the songs called?!?

How the hell are you?

Anonymous said...

Hey T!

Thanks for the reply. I have no idea of the titles for those two songs. I have a copy of them along with about five more songs. I'm not even sure if they ever had proper titles. Instead of just gigging playing instrumentals, all we did was rehearse a lot and try out a ton of singers. Too bad! I liked that band we had.

I'm doing swell. Still living in Portland, OR and still playing music and also video projects. Still collect comics, music, video, etc. For the most part, up to the same old shit. Mostly having fun. Married for over 18 years to a fine lady. I can't complain.

I hope you are also well! If you ever make it back this way for any gigs we'll have to link up!

all the best - John

demo tapes said...

Nicely done sir!!!! Cheers!!!!