Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kenmores - Prototype - Demo

I've got more demo tapes than i will ever have time to post. Today i just walked by a box in the basement and grabbed one out on the random. No info on these guys but take a bit of Helmet, Steel Pole Bathtub, VoiVod, & Tad, add in some 90's Alternative influences, even though you really want to be Metal, but Metal wasn't all that fashionable, give it a slightly proggy pop edge while still keeping it slightly grind-y, and you might get close to these guys sound...

Pretty cool riffs here and there on this one. I like when the singer stays screamy and more sinister but i can do without the "singy" parts or the spoken word entries..... ugh.

a total 90's time piece.

the band consisted of:

Bass - Byran Bridgman
Guitar - Tannon Penland
Drums - John Freiberger
Vocals - Dwain Curd

Kenmores - Prototype - Demo

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Anonymous said...

Band was from Richmond VA, Tannon now plays guitar in Loincloth.