Saturday, December 17, 2011

School Of Violence - Live Demo 1986

A great live demo tape from 1986 by School Of Violence. This is right around the time Social Decay played w/ them at CBGB. Here is a great histoty of S.O.V. - Stolen from their myspace page: SCHOOL OF VIOLENCE were formed in 1983 in NYC by guitarist Stegmon Von Heintz. Corey Clark (later from Warrior Soul) their first drummer. Corey was replaced by Kerry Riley, who drew S.O.V.'s original artwork, and contributed to their earliest songs. By 1984 they had enlisted bassist Rick Stone, drummer Willy and vocalist Paul Toxic, Jr. Paul wrote many of S.O.V.'s first songs, but was later kicked out of the band, and replaced with gravel voiced Ohio native Brian Childers, formerly of San Francisco based BOMB. Brian recorded two demos sith S.O.V., one a live "Off The Board" tape recorded at CBGB in 1986, the second a studio demo engineered by Don Fury. After a gig at The Ritz in NYC, Chris Williamson almost managed SOV, as did the manager from DRI. S.O.V. were courted and signed for a seven album record deal by Death Records, but midway through negotiating the appearance of their track "Religion" on the Complete Death II compilation, Brian left S.O.V., later to form CRAWLPAPPY, a band who in their short, illustrious career included ex members of bands as diverse as PRONG and ALICE DONUT. Brian's absence from S.O.V. as Complete Death II's release neared, and Steg's interstitial duty as front man, are why Steg is credited with vocals on this comp, when it is Brian who is featured. Bassist Rick Stone had also left early on in negotiations with Death Records, and, against his own better judgment, Steg brought in vocalist Karl Agell, formerly from Connecticut based SEIZURE, who appears on S.O.V.'s first and only album, "We, the People...?" The album received scant distribution, and the band little tour support. Rick Stone was briefly replaced by a stand in bassisd, George, who got hit by a cab early in his tenure. S.O.V. was set to tour in support of the album, so it was time to summon Scott Helland, one half of the musical tag team behind Massachussetts based OUTPATIENTS, who learned their set in all of two weeks. On returning from the tour, Scott Helland was joined by brother Vis, bringing S.O.V up to a 5 piece. Karl Agell then left S.O.V. to join CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, and appeared on their album "Blind", and in their video "Vote With a Bullet", before forming his current band, LEADFOOT. Reed from COC played drums after Karl left when Mark missed a gig. Brian was also up for COC, whom Steg had reccommended over Karl. Nobby from Broken Bones tried out to fill Karl's position on vocals, but Steg found it necessary to resume pulling double duty as frontman. Soon Mark left S.O.V. to join WARRIOR SOUL, bringing the band's entire history full circle. Ron Swenson, former manager of the Plasmatics, managed SOV towards the end of their career, but without Mark on drums, S.O.V. disbanded in 1990. PLEASE NOTE: Drummer Mark S. Evans is now deceased. After his time in WARRIOR SOUL, Mark returned to his native England , and was out one night, when two men and a woman stole his leather jacket. Mark went after them. The trio attacked Mark, strangled him to death, and set his body on fire. Brian Childers died in 2007 from alcohol poisoning. Stegmon Von Heintz went on to form PSYCHO 69, and later, briefly, had a band with Uncle Al from Murphy’s Law, and Steg's son on drums, called SENILE, and another, called FAT NANCY. He now builds custom motorcycles for Felony Flyers, after a successful run with his own Kill City Choppers. And Rick Stone? Who can say? School Of Violence - Live Demo 1986

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