Friday, October 16, 2009

Psycho Sin - I'm As Mad As Hell - NJHC 1987 Demo

I'm back with more from MIGHTY FUCKING PSYCHO SIN!!!

Flyer i found from a show we played together in 1987...

Psycho Sin - I'm As Mad As Hell - NJHC 1987 Demo

Individual tracks:
Psycho Sin - On The Edge
Psycho Sin - Pigs On Patrol
Psycho Sin - If I'm Insane
Psycho Sin - I Fucked Nancy
Psycho Sin - Riot Tonight
Psycho Sin - Just Another Day
Psycho Sin - Adjustable Life


Stormy said...

Did Psycho Sin eventually become one guy with a drum machine? Unless that's a different band with the same name. If so, i used to live down the block from him for a while in NJ

Devil Dick said...

more than likely that is what happened... but who knows. all i know is that for the lasy 10 years Carl has been a pro wrestler!!!

francesco said...

Can you reupload it on mediafire?

Seems that divshare has a loop and the download never starts

cheers from italy!