Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Dooie Mus

I have not checked my email for this blog in at least a year. I just checked it and i'm still getting demo requests and people emailing their recordings and links, which is way cool. Sorry to all those who sent an email and i have not responded. I will TRY to get to them. Here is an email i just got:


We are ‘Dooie Mus’, a 2-piece screamo/emo band from Haarlem (The Netherlands). We just recorded our first demo, it’s for free on our bandcamp. It would mean the world to us if you wanted to listen to some of our songs and maybe share your thoughts on them.

Dooie Mus Bandcamp

Dooie Mus litarly means Dead Sparrow in Dutch. It's used in the expresion ‘iemand blij maken met een dooie mus’ (making somebody happy with a dead sparrow) which means making somebody happy with something that turns about to be very disappointing.

We started writing some songs in the beginning of 2016, which we recorded ourself when the summer started (2 mics and a computer).
If you want to respond or ask any questions feel free to contact our facebook-page: http://www.facebook.com/dooiemusband or the bandcamp-page: http://dooiemus.bandcamp.com/

Kind regards,
Joran & Danny from Dooie Mus

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