Tuesday, November 26, 2013

S-Fro-7 - Radio Galaxies

I (barely) remember seeing S-Fro-7 at The Brighton Bar in Long Branch NJ back in the mid 90's. I can't remember with who of if we played with them but i liked them enough to get this tape off of them. I always liked the live track here and it made of bunch of comp. tapes i made back in the day. This is some pretty cool Lo-Fi Noise / Grungey Punk rock. Info is pretty scarce on the Denver Colorado band so if anyones has any info feel free to drop it here.

S-Fro-7 - Dizzylifter

S-Fro-7 - The Little Baby

S-Fro-7 - Kurtis Klinghammer (Live)

S-Fro-7 - Aliens And Skinheads


Unknown said...

Cindy Wonderful shared a warehouse (the Wonderground) in Denver with Amy Fantastic and Amy's boyfriend. The three of them were part of a so-called serious band dubbed S-FRO-7 (unlike their not so serious band at the same time, Shitbox).

Cindy Wonderful was also a member of several other bands, like, Rainbow Sugar, Fox Force Five, Shitbox, Scream Club.

Unknown said...

See S-Fro-7's bio info at:

N.Shatz said...

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