Saturday, November 26, 2011

Full Speed Ahead - Demo

IMHO Full Speed Ahead were one of the best of the newer hardcore bands. That is not to say that these guys were new school because they weren't. Guitarist Mike Schweigert is an old NJHC guy from the mid/late 80's and was in a ton of bands. And bass player Will was in NJ Noise makers Codger among others. Drummer Pete used to hook me up w/ drinks @ the local bar and is kinda funny and chubby. These guys keep it OLD SCHOOL on this tape. Nothing crossover or metal about it. This is was Hardcore SHOULD sound like!!! If you close your eyes its like 1985 all over again!

Full Speed Ahead - Demo


Dan said...

been looking for this one for yrs!!!

Devil Dick said...

from what i've heard recently look slike FSA are getting back together. stay tuned!

Unknown said...

Can you upload this one?