Friday, June 1, 2012

Whipstriker - Midnight Crust Demo

Another reader subission. This is some killer crusty Venom inspired Punk Metal from Rio de Janeiro, Selecione a sua região., Brazil. Just look at these dudes... METAL AS FUCK! Awesome. Rude, Crude, Lude and Heavy as shit!!!! Ahhhhh.... brings me back to my ugly misguided youth. Check out their Myspace page if you want some more info & pics and shits.....

Here is the email i got with the demo....


Here is Victor from Whipstriker - Brazil.
I´m sending here a link to download our demo. It calls "Midnight Crust" 2010. The front cover you can take attached.
The demo was released in completely DIY way. If you like it, please put the link in your blog.

Thanx the support!

Victor - Whipstriker

Enjoy. i like this one!

Whipstriker - Midnight Crust Demo

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