Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dr. Aids - Necroquegcuntcore

Look at this shit.... I got this email 2 years ago!!!

From: Andy Agz Rose .
Sent: Sun, July 25, 2010 3:24:56 PM
Subject: your blog my blog & my band

Hiya fancy putting our band on your blog here's the link on my blog tells ya all about it there just trying to get our name around all fun were two 41 year old with younger guy (s) bass player joining in September, having a laugh taking the piss out of celebrities cause we hate them!! anyway done it in 4 hrs recorded,mixed & edited hop ya like it if ya do let us know & put it on you blog please cheers. We've recently been described as CHAOS Uk with hellhammer riffs & united mutations dbeat hmmm personally I think CHAOS UK where shit so what does that tell ya!! We call it NECROQUEGCUNTCORE ;)

If ya wanna get technical me & the drummer tried to do our own band in 1989 Barfin Aliens but we never got far this is like a continuation only with better guitarist haha! (& we never seen each other for about 17years!!) Anyway understand your aiming at 80's /90's stuff even if ya dont review it have a look cheers



Dr. Aids - Necroquegcuntcore

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