Friday, July 4, 2014

Obilvion - 1985 Demo

One of the best metal demos to ever come from the great state of New Jersey. Heavily influence by Slayer! Singer Dave Gutierrez later went on to play Bass for NJHC group Social Decay & crossover legends Lethal Aggression. This demo shreds!

Oblivion ‎– Oblivion

Label: Not On Label (Oblivion Self-released) ‎– none

Format: Cassette, Single Sided

Country: US

Released: 1985

Genre: Rock

Style: Thrash, Black Metal, Heavy Metal

1 Rabid Bestial
2 Aggressive Assault
3 Raised By Fire
4 Life After Death

Bass – Rich Valeo
Drums – Santo DiBenedetto
Guitar – Mike Sica
Vocals – Dave Gutierrez

NJ thrash group

Oblivion - 1985 Demo

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

XI - Crosseyed - Seeing Strate

XI Crosseyed demo. I know nothing about this band or tape. Something i picked up along the way and i have no clue. Definitely has psychedelic tenancies with a 13th floor elevators vibe mixed with other various psych music. I have no idea if they ever heard of the Jersey band The Secret Syde but sorta has a bit of that in there in parts as well. I have no idea of the year either.... Anyone have any info?

XI - Crosseyed - Seeing Strate

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Violent Society - S/T 1988 Demo

More Violent Society w/ the self titled 1988 demo. See my other Violent Society post for the info. Fun fact: This demo was taped over the 1986 album Unveiling The Wicked by Canadian metal band Exciter catalog # MXT 8054.

Violent Society - S/T 1988 Demo

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Violent Society - Newtown Sucks

Punk rock from 1993 from Violent Society. I had a request for this one so here it is...

Violent Society is a punk rock band that formed in 1990. The band is based out of Philadelphia, PA. The band was formed in high school by two friends, Mike (Mick), Pat (Pat Society) and drummer Andy Petrov. Bill (Dirty Rotten Bill) and Pat Kelly filled out the lineup in 1990/91. Dave (Huevos) replaced Bill shortly before recording the album. "Not Enjoyin' It" In 1996 "The Rise of Punk" album was released. The year 1997 saw the release of "Times of Distraught" and in 1999, "Separation is Killing Us," the final album before breaking up. Violent Society has toured the United States and Europe numerous times. The band primarily stopped playing together in 2003, occasionally performing "reunion" shows from. However, the band has since regrouped in 2008 with the current lineup. 2010 saw a return to touring with a West Coast tour in June along with the release of "We Don't Believe" on Creep Records. The band recently recorded new material for a soon-to-be-released Kill Your Idols tribute album and an upcoming Christmas compilation. The band reached back to olden days to capture Showcase Showdown's "Merry Christmas, I Fucked Your Snowman". They are now concentrating on new material for release in 2011.

The above is lifted from Wiki and it says they formed in 1990 but i have a tape from 1988 from a Violent Society with a NJ address so maybe it's a different band? Also this release is not on any of their discography's that i see. Rare? maybe....? Good? Yeah, pretty good... Enjoy!

Violent Society - Newtown Sucks

Monday, March 31, 2014

The Exposed - Mrs. B Is Screaming At The Dog Again

New Jersey punk rock from around 1985 or 86, i can't remember exactly, or exactly where these guys were from. I'm thinking Toms River or Brick Town but i can't be sure. I also can't remember who they were but I think one of the guys was Yosi Levin who is now a pretty successful children's musician and who i can remember going to a least a few shows with back in the day. If anyone has any more info on The Exposed please feel free to leave it in the comments!
The Exposed - Mrs. B Is Screaming At The Dog Again

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Helen Shapiro - Demo

Throw equal parts Frank Zappa, Primus & Black Sabbath w/ some punk rock and thrash metal thrown in for good measure and you might get close to Helen Shapiro. Great band to see live and great guys. Bass player Tony Ricci was a close friend back in the day and took trips out of town with my old band Godspeed (He had a truck) and even played sax on our record "Ride". I think he moved out west and i aint heard from him since. Maybe, he will read this and get in touch!?! I still have my Helen Shapiro shirt with the cover of this demo on it.... strangely over the years it shrunk and doesn't fit anymore but it aint going anywhere. Hard to believe that this shit all happened over 20 years ago.... I only wish that we all had iPhones and video technology at our finger tips back then like we do now so more of the shit we did was documented. it's all lost to time and memory and these memories are fading as time goes on.... This was recorded at Subterranean Sound in Long Branch by Stacey Phelon where everybody from the shore recorded. And the members were Rob (Secretious) Avison, Jon (Flagpole) Baron & Tony (Cow) Ricci. If anyone know where Tony is tell him to drop me a line!

Helen Shapiro - Demo

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Substance live on WNYU Crucial Chaos

Albany Hardcore band SUBSTANCE live on WNYU's Crucial Chaos radio show. Not sure of the year but in must be 1989/1990/91 area. This is some real hard shit right here... These guys are probably all cops or lawyers now...

You can grab the Substance demo & read a little write up on the band over here at the great TRUE PUNK & METAL Blog.

Also, here is a site dedicated to the Albany HC scene. ALBANY STYLE

Substance live on WNYU Crucial Chaos