Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Burnt Toast Band - S/T Tape

Ok, enough with the reader submissions for now. I just found this tape in a thrift store here in NJ. I almost didn't buy because the cover looked sorta hokey and it was a whole .99 cents! and i didn't want to waste a buck on it.... hey, i'm unemployed and every buck counts! But, i opened it up and the 1st song title was "Stoned".... So i figured oh hell, i will pay a buck to hear it. I'm glad i did. It is actually a pretty awesome lo-fi & overdriven heavy 70's stoner style rock tape with some really long guitar jams with plenty of that slightly inept playing that teeters on the brink of destruction @ every note! = awesome! Its mega distorted and pretty low fi which reminds me of some George Brigman and new band Vee Dee in spots, with a slightly more pop element times. And i do mean slight. maybe it has a bit of a Seattle Grunge thing going on too.... ?There is something else it reminds me of but i just can't place it in my brain right now. (maybe Mad River or Pavlov's Dog) If i was told this was 1974 instead of 1994 it would not be hard to believe it. It sounds that authentic. I really dig it besides the lame tape cover. I searched & searched for info on this band from Scranton PA and found NOTHING. If you have any info please let me know. All i have is the info on the tape.

Fran Dodgson - Bass
Paul Iacavazzi - Drums
Matthew Balmer - Guitar
Pete Iacavazzi - Guitar / Vocals

Produced by John Meyers at Plymouth Rocks Recording Studio. (I'm half tempted to call the number listed!)

For now enjoy!

The Burnt Toast Band - S/T Tape


Anonymous said...

Seems like a lifetime ago i engineered this a great bunch of kids at the time. Johnmeyers@anarchydigital.com

Anonymous said...

call the number it stills works---who are you looking for?

demo tapes said...

really still works?

if you were in the band give us some more info!!?!?!!?