Saturday, December 3, 2011

God Is Bogus - Compilation Tape - 1986

a very strange and DIY "slash" outsider compilation tape from 1986... I lost the track list to this a million years ago or maybe i never had it because as the tape ends you you can hear a one Jerry Lehan the 3rd giving out info for more tapes and starts to reel off band names and then the tape cuts off so you can never hear who the bands were..... i've searched high and low for ANY info on this tape and can find NOTHING.... The only thing i could find was that Stony Brook University Library has a copy in the Turmoil Radio Collection Archive..... I sent an email and heard nothing back. I highly doubt the adress that Jerry Lehan III gives at the end of the tape is still relevant...... Does anyone have any info on this very cool/strange/odd and awesome freakout of a DIY comp....??? I'd love to know the deal. I think i traded tapes with Jerry Lehan back in the day but can't remember..... There are a few punky type tunes but for the most part these are weird keyboard driven songs of an odd & unknown nature to my ear, but a few of these tunes a really like. I just numbered the track on each side. MAYBE someone will google this shit and know something about it.....

God Is Bogus - Compilation Tape - 1986 Side A

God Is Bogus - Compilation Tape - 1986 Side B


Anonymous said...

Not sure who you emailed but if you didn't already try asking Steve K. who used to host turmoil. It looks like he still maintains this site

demo tapes said...

no but thanks for the info. i'm gonna try and make contact.