Monday, November 25, 2013

S.O.V. - Demo

Here is some mid 90's New Jersey Punk Rock from S.O.V. - I'm getting old and lazier by the second so i downloaded the whole demo as one track. I don't have the time or the patience to individualize each track. Take it or leave it.....

per comment the track list is:

1 Violent Oppression
2 Flug
3 Roll
4 Education
5 Power Of The Government
6 Contradiction
7 Out In The Streets
8 Dope Fiend
9 Cold
10 Raw
11 Viva La Revolution


S.O.V. - Demo

Individual tracks curtesy of Dan!

S.O.V. - Demo


Anonymous said...

it's a little hard to make out from the images, could you just list out the tracks, i can cut them up myself :)

Dan said...

my social life is in decay
had some time and enough patience so hear ya go.
cleaned up/edited version

viva la revolution!

demo tapes said...

most awesome Dan!