Thursday, June 13, 2013

Various - People Are Hungry Compilation Volume 1#

People Are Hungry Compilation Volume 1# from 1986 on Inward Visions Records. Carl Casanova from Psycho Sin was the man behind IVR and put out a bunch of comps back in the day. This was done with all local bands from the NY & NJ area and was supposed to help open up a soup kitchen in Jersey City New Jersey. I doubt that ever happened as i can't image these sold all that well...!? Anyway this is a fun romp and brings me back to those days. The quality is a bit dubious, as these i'm sure were all hand done by Carl is his bedroom. These early School of Violence tracks kick ass! Also: Beware seems to be Psycho Sin in disguise????

1 Beware – Riot In The City
2 Beware – The Livin' Dead
3 Mechanical Bride – No Destination
4 Chronic Fear – Discrimination
5 Chronic Fear – No Fear
6 Social Decay – Too Young To Die
7 Social Decay – Open You Eyes
8 Psycho Sin – Life's Gettin' Ridiculous
9 Psycho Sin – Ronald Reagan Must Die
10 Psycho Sin – Now
11 Psycho Sin – Bonzo Fucked Reagan
12 School Of Violence – Nightmare In Paradise
13 School Of Violence – Dark Design
14 School Of Violence – From Attitude To Action

Various - People Are Hungry Compilation Volume 1#

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