Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Underachievers - Skip The Salad Demo 1986

Wow.... It's been forever since i posted.... I promised this one to an old friend and it took me a while to dig it out but here is the great & under-rated demo from The Underachievers. The Skip The Salad demo came out in 1986. This is pretty typical hardcore punk stuff from NJ from that time period but doesn't get the respect it deserves. Don't know how many copies of these gout out back in the day but i would guess not that many... THE UNDERACHIEVERS were - Bruce Boyd (drums), Watson (guitar), George Schnurr (vocals), Chris Lough (bass)- I think Jon Kleiman one time drummer from Monster Magnet was in the band for a minuet too?

I think some of these songs were to be pressed to a 7 inch but that never happened. Great & Fun NJHC. Enjoy!

The Underachievers - Skip The Salad Demo 1986


Anonymous said...

Wow. I honestly don't know how I found this so quickly, but I laud your bloggery.

I'm an original Underachiever and I get great joy out of saying that.

Every day.

To my knowledge, we're all still alive, but I'm pretty certain there won't be a reunion tour.

For the record, Jon Kleiman did replace Bruce Boyd in 1986, but I don't remember the gig(?) in the photo.

I got all uppity and quit right around then. Fat lot of good it did me.

- Chris Lough

P.S. "Watson" has a first name: John.

P.P.S. You are correct. The 7" didn't happen.

demo tapes said...

awesome & thanks Chris! i'm glad you stopped by and gave some info! how many copies of thi sdemo tape did you guys sell and give away?!?!? i'm way curious....!'

Anonymous said...

I would guess we put out 30, maybe forty of those tapes. My dad worked for BASF so most were on BASF tapes. I think my mom still has one, hahahaha.

George Schnurr

Anonymous said...

That picture was from Jon Kleimans basement, I think that's Big Greg on guitar. I remember the first practice in John Watsons garage. Recording one practice we actually taped Brick PD telling us to keep it down, sorry that didn't make it on the demo. There were probably only 30 or 40 of those demos out. Most on BASF tapes, my dad worked for them.

George Schnurr
.... still an underachiever ...

Greg Diablo said...

Hey you guys, I'm the guy who posted that photo, and you didn't even give me a credit! Goddamn!
Anyway, this is Greg Hohnholt (or Diablo on the internet for my past band Street Karaoke Project) and I played all the lead guitar on the Skip the Salad EP, arranged all the songs (practically, except for the drums of course), and wrote "Out in Style" and "Fish on Friday". I just found out today that Jon made it big in Monster Magnet, that's how out of the loop I've been!
Jon Watson's guitar was basically white noise, so he was mixed way down. All the guitars are mine. I even did 12 string tracks for "Speaking Spanish" and "Only girl for Me".

Look for me on soundcloud as "Greg Hohnholt" or youtube as "Greg Holt" if you would like to check out other four track and band recordings I did. I even have a couple up there with the former trumpeter player of Electric Flag, Marcus Doubleday.

Congrats, Jon; I always thought you were way talented for a youngster!

Greg Hohnholt said...

You can find the second Underachievers EP (also unreleased), "Shattered Silence," here: https://soundcloud.com/gregdiablo/sets/shattered-silence-the

Big Greg

demo tapes said...

Thanks for that second demo Greg!!!!! that is a lost gem!!!!!

Greg Diablo said...

I'd like to apologize for some inaccurate comments.
I actually did not play at all on the "Skip the Salad" demotape; that was before I joined the band in '87. I think I was confused because the Underachievers 2.0 actually played a few of the songs from that tape at the few shows we did, or maybe just the title cut. The photo you used probably threw me off, too, because that was the reformed band.
Does anybody know the name of the female bassist we had in that band? I have been going crazy trying to remember her name.

Greg Diablo said...

Yeah, I don't really understand why Jon slagged it in an interview [http://bloodydrumknuckles.blogspot.com/2010/09/bdk-interview-jon-kleiman.html] as "forgettable hardcore" after I had basically busted my butt to milk every ounce of musicality out of those tunes; I even heard later on that he listened to the master tape and was quite complimentary about my playing.

Anyway, thanks for the compliment and glad you dug it!

Anonymous said...

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