Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Feral Babies - Demo

Man i suck... I got this demo last year and just got around to posting it up..... Feral Babies is a hardcore punk band from Tampa, FL. Music is primitive, raw, angry and fast but maintains a catchy and melodic vibe to it. Similar to late 70's Cali punk acts like Circle Jerks, Germs, Dickies and JFA....

I really dig this. It lives up to the similarities posted above. I'd also throw in the word TIGHT! This is a great little slice of old school sytyled Hardcore. Before you know it the 5 song demo is over and your left saying i want more!!! Sweet.

Check out their FACEBOOK page where you can get the 7 inch and check out more pics and info or download the demo HERE:


Dan said...

sounds pretty good!

demo tapes said...

i like it too Dan!!!