Thursday, August 18, 2016


Another reader submission:

Hi !
We are Chaviré, from Nantes, France !

Quickly, we are playing a kind of emo / screamo, influenced by the French emo scene of the late 90's / mid 00's - in the sound and the ethics - as bands like Amanda Woodward, Daïtro, Belle Époque and labels like Stonehenge, Pure Heart or Ebullition... Basically, we're based on DIY practices and ethics, we are standing against sexist, authoritarian, racist, homophobic and more globally oppressive attitudes, in favor of more bearable or fair alternatives. we are CHAVIRÉ and we come from Nantes, France.

We released our first demo on CDs and tapes. Artwork done by Phoenix Grayson.
If you want you can streaming and download it for free on our bandcamp.

Questions, review, translations or anything, you can write to us at :

♥ Ⓐ ♥

Chavire bandcamp

Cheers, up the punx

Phab / Chaviré

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