Wednesday, August 15, 2012

killmidred - demo

Another early 90's time period piece when metal was looked down upon and alternative was all the rage and people still wanted to be heavy but without the cheese of REAL metal and would try to adpot both heavy & alternative.... i know i've seen and or played with these guys back in the day but can't remember a thing about them, but then again, i can't remember last week....

killmildred - life to distracted

killmildred - adoptee

killmildred - early grave


Mark the Guy said...

Hey there! Something wrong with the links!
Would you be able to send this to
Cheers! Great blog!

demo tapes said...

i fixed the links.... too funny that over 2,000 people looked at this post and no one until you said anything about the links being fucked up.....