Friday, November 25, 2011

Time's Up - Life - 1993 Demo

1993 NJHC demo by Time's Up. A couple of these guys and a few friends jumped me at a Dead Guy show in Jersey once. I deserved it. I threw a bottle @ another kid and i took my lumps for it. No hard feelings. By 1993 hardcore had changed so much for me too really care too much. This is not my hardcore, but it has its place.

Not sure of all the members on this tape because none are listed and this is before any "official" releases but this is the previous band of Chris and John from Burnt by the Sun. Another GREAT NJ band.

Time's Up - Abduction

Time's Up - Falling Apart

Time's Up - Pipe Works

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Anonymous said...

Anybody have the other Time's up demo (with the man eating an apple on the cover) available digitally?