Friday, February 4, 2011

Crucial Youth - Live WPRB jan. 7th 1987

Digging some more rare shits out of the basement boxes, here is the worlds starightest band Crucial Youth live on WPBR in Princeton NJ from January 7th 1987. I was never much of a fan of straight edge or youth crews or any of that postive force bullshit. We were always the old and ugly decay drunk and decay skins because i guess we were a little older than most "kids" back then and i never really got the whole sXe thing. Of course your straight man, your 14 years old.... Talk to me when you get hair on your balls..... Anyway, these dudes took the piss out of that whole scene. the funny thing is some people took this shit seriously!

God the world is full of stupid assholes....

And i will close with this....

Be straight
Don't be late
Bench your weight
And for gods sake, don't masterbate...

Crucial Youth - Live WPRB jan. 7th 1987

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