Friday, January 28, 2011

The Blisters - My Room Demo 1986

Ok, this place has been dead and buried for a good long while now but i am feeling the need to resurrect and this was the perfect place to start as i told someone i had this demo and they wanted a listen. Hopefully i can gear this place up and stay a little more on top. I know all the old files are dead so i will also try and re-up all the files that divshare dumped. Thanks divshare. Anyway, here are The Blisters from New Vernon N.J. w/ the My Room Demo from 1986. I'm not sure why the tape cover has two songs listed (Finding it hard & Vandalism) listed that are not on the tape and 2 other songs on the tape not shown on the cover (Stale smell of beer & Save one for me) but that is how i got it from the band back in 86. But w/ all these DIY tapes back then done by the band themselves chances are by the time they got this thing done maybe they liked to 2 other songs better than what is on the cover. Its funny because i was kinda friends w/ these guys a bit back then and sorta lost touch when our band went in different directions. these guys stayed true to punk stylings and my band went way more hardcore. i ran into Bil or was it nitti ? @ the last Chronic Sick show and we chatted a bit. I can't remember what was even said or if he even remembers because i think there were plenty of drinks involved. ANYWAY, I always loved My Room & Letter from Hell. Both those songs are really really great! Sorta Poppy most definitely punky. Just really good crafted songs w/ great hooks and melody. Pretty obvious that someone had their heart broke... (letter from hell) I thought i had another demo from these guys, but if i did i can't find it. Maybe i'm just making that up. I know they put out a 7 inch and a full length both of which i own. So check this out!

PS - If anyone out there has a a copy of The Skulls demo from right around this time, maybe 85? I need a copy! I still have my cover but for some reason the 1st half of the first song is missing!


The Blisters - My Room
The Blisters - Letter From Hell

The Blisters - Stale Smell Of Beer
The Blisters - Save One For Me


mike mindless said...

I was the bassist in the Skulls & still have that demo. Which song is messed up?

demo tapes said...


the 1st song on the tape is missing hlaf the song!!!!!